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[TRANSFER] Riptide arrives in style Empty [TRANSFER] Riptide arrives in style

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The Beldam: [Khooey] Shifted slightly in her gear; the familiar pressure of the under armor, the protective gear over that, mask, goggles, duster and weapons strapped to her person didnt make Khooey uncomfortable my any means even if her slight writhing while on top of Vierge may have come off as if she couldnt fit the gear any longer. Quite the opposite was true— it felt like a hug and one she’d been waiting for. ’No offense Fenny but I’m kinda havin’ trouble figurin’ out why I left home in th’ first place. I miss this.’ Said the Djinn who’s idea of a vacation or much needed siesta was returning to back breaking, lethally dangerous work as a guardian of Redpoint even if only for a few weeks. The black duster, ranger’s flat brimmed hat and being atop a black, intimidating horse of unnatural stock made the Ifrit and her horns look extremely intimidating and official. And, unlike the other sentinels she was so naturally hot in nature that she didn’t have to wear the goggles and insulating face mask like the other girls in order to protect her skin from the pre-winter bite. The Primoris riding with her on his own Equus Helion knew her as a short statured, feminine ‘kitty-cat’ of course...but he’d never seen her in her native element. ’Well. Ready for y’ first volunteer shift as a Sentinel?’ asked Khooey, tickled pink that he’d take on such a thing.

[7:32 PM] Fenrisian: Fenris: The Primoris came along side her, having taken his antlered equiis-helios along in the journey.  "Because you wanted to learn more about the world, that's the thing with knowledge, the more you know the happier it is to be..." he told her in a dismissive sort of way, with a hint of bitterness. He looked at her, and gave a small grin of what looked to be approval at her joke. "Sentinel or Primoris its all the same to me..." he said with a shrug. "I don't have a gun though..." stating the fact as if it mattered. It was a day like this long ago, that had set off Khooeys journey. An ordeal that too this day would still perhaps be lingering in the Djinns mind.

[7:40 PM] Alpha Tenchi: It had been two days, two days of pushing the speed of light and he wondered how much more time passed on his home. They had wanted men for their deep space runs, the pay was good and Riptide was young and strong. Confident, headstrong he told himself he wouldn't be gone long. Having abandoned the world of men for the void of space and the heat of stars, it was supposed to be two months out and two backs. That couldn't have been long? No, it had been twenty years on Terra. They hadn't warned him, told him. His mother was gone, father too. His beloved lay on her deathbed and he didn't even had the guts to see her last breath. He swore to god his pushin' was done after that, that he'd never break the surface of his planet into that accursed void ever again. But only a month into Terran life, he left again, that awful sinking feeling in his gut tearing his will away from him. He asked the gods why as he left the planet's atmosphere, but they remained silent in reply. Without home, family or love he was determined to make this his last trip. Upon breaking the Planet's atmosphere he jetted the Supermatter engine, unlocking the Singularity backup in hopes the two would rip each other apart and send him to the afterlife. But as the screaming dial read in angry text '99.986% Speed of Light' something happened, something beyond his power. Beyond his control. Some unknown force took hold of his ship and the walls of his realm grew weak, shattering and leaving him hurtling through some empty void. He could see the readout slow, the numbers lowering and he cried out in anger. A gloved fist raised, slamming upon the readout and sending it into a tizzy. It was as this fateful action was taken he broke back into reality, a snow-laden planet below him he appeared a streaking god's tear in the sky. Having decellerated in whatever terrible void that was, he descended towards the planet at a quick clip, the hull of his ship finally starting to give under the pressure of atmosphere.

[7:46 PM] The Beldam: ’Learn more about th’ world...an’ get away.’ she’d stammer; correcting Fenris on his statement. He was right that certain events were on her mind and included the horrible situations that had brought her at his side to Lu’Rae in the first place. The snowstorm, Angelo, the torture and the dogs by all of those scum-sucking rats from Ill Fortune. All of it managed to make Khooey decide that she’d never be helpless again so long as she lived and breathed, and she’d made good work of her resolution in the years since.  ’No gun. Do y’ need a gun? I wish you’d have asked…’ Although, honestly, Khooey didn’t take Fenris for the point-and-shoot type. She’d never seen him pick one up in all the years she’d known him. ’Anyhow, our rotation needs to end up at Soren’s peak. So we start here, an’ some of the anomolies’ll let us...skip…’ Khooey looked up— something was hurtling across the sky and it was far too big to be a shooting star of any kind. Lilac eyes traced its path while wide in shock. Time in Celesin had taught her to identify many anomolies in the sky, at least. ’You seein’ this? Is that a damn ship?’ she’d say to the Primoris with her mouth open. The fun never stopped in Redpoint.

[7:58 PM] Fenrisian: He looked at her asking if he needed a gun with a serious look then chuckled. "Have you ever seen me touch a fire-arm?" he asked phrasing the question in a tone similar to asking if she had ever seen him wear a dress. His question coming as if responding to the fleeting thoughts in her mind.  He let her go on and explain there tour when they were interrupted by the shooting star. He let out a sigh, and smoothed back silver locks, as his mount scuffed the ground. "Lets approach strategically, you go first, and i'll move around and cut through the wilderness, just in case things end up being.... Familiar." he told her. The plan was self evident if the situation turned out to be hairy he could come in with the element of surprise. He had faith that if any danger lay ahead, Khooey at the very least would be able to hold her own long enough for him to come around and finish the job, and that was a worst case scenario regardless.

[8:07 PM] Alpha Tenchi: Guilt, absolute guilt overcame him as the ship crashed. The blinding crack and the shatter of glass overcame his senses and for a second or two he passed out. When he awoke, the ship was kiltered into the dirt, it's hull still inctact but a terrible silence coming from the operating bay.
"No. Please God no."
 He cried out, a moaning wail that echoed through the rumbling confines of the ship. Secondary maintenance systems kicked in and he unbuckled himself, throwing himself off the chair and finding that one of his legs was terribly broken. The bone ripped the flesh and sinew, exiting the side and shewing it's alabaster hue as a sign that he had been injured. Adrenaline, he couldn't feel anything, he couldn't feel, he couldn't. The crew, they had followed him into this suicide mission, young men like him who had lost their lives on terra. Maybe they were all hoping they would end up on some planet together, or come across a federation ship to talk them from their proverbial ledge. But here they were, his boys. Each of them at their stations like the loyal men they had been, death had taken them all swiftly. Broken necks, shattered skulls, hopefully painless. They deserved painless. At the back he saw Higgins, dressed in the Engineers hardsuit with both hands on the Supermatter drive, keeping it in place and keeping the ship from beyond destroyed. A weakened sob found it's way to his mouth and he lurched, stumbling forward and using Higgins form to push it back into it's containment field. He pulled the corpse free, falling to the wall and hugging it to his body. They had lived as spacemen from the day they were born until the day they died, and Riptide couldn't be prouder.

[8:22 PM] The Beldam: She’d given him the customary smile with the tip of her tongue peeking from between her teeth. A great sign considering she’d spent the last few days crying and being a generally useless mess thanks to Caden deciding to take her heart and stomp on it a few times. Putting on her gear and taking to the snow and mountains had turned her right around, and in this moment she was briefly beyond the hurt that her long-time boyfriend had caused. Only Fenris’s sigh tore her away from watching the sky. Immediately, a ring of metal not unlike a single chain-link worn on a leather cuff on every Sentinel’s left arm took on a mind of it’s own. The metal began to emit light; turning yellow and bright enough that a miniature sun seemed to be appended to the Djinn’s arm. ’Whatever it was, it’s landed inside of the wards. If anyone survived…’ Khooey trailed off; knowing full well Fenris would understand what had been implied. These lands were some of the most dangerous on the planet. Not simply due to flora and fauna but thanks to strange anomalies and objects littering it as well. All in all, either the crash would have no survivors and the lands would still be destabilized for a bit, or, someone was alive and they were in for some experiences that might be worse than a crash landing. ’Cuff’s pointin’ northeast. Six miles to site. We can make that in a few minutes.’ Without another word, she used Vierge’s reins to kick the Helion into high gear and rode toward where smoke seemed to already be coursing skyward. It warned of a coming explosion...

[8:29 PM] Fenrisian: NPC creatures: His arrival had not only been noticed by the substitute-sentinels. Something had been stirred by his arrival. Inquisitive creatures, carnivorous and tusked, with long shaggy bodies and no discernable face, just a big gaping mouth with two large tusks. They came to investigate, encroaching upon the marooned cosmonought.

[8:35 PM] Fenrisian: Fenris: He smiled his wolfish smile in response to her good humor, but now was not the time for that either. "Careful Khooey." he growled. You know a lot can go on between here and there, I'll take a longer route and meet you there..." he said. He was being a bit paranoid, but it was to be expected. He turned his mount and then took off into a darkling tree-line as snow began to fall.

[8:43 PM] Alpha Tenchi: The soft glow of the Supermatter core and it's gentle hum would have put him to sleep were it not for the awful amounts of adrenaline plaguining his poor body. Wracked with panic and anxiety, he held Higgin's body close before letting it fall to the ground. Leaned against the wall, he watched as the ships AI set the secondary precautions into effect, the Singularity core being contained within it's own field as well. This was his ship and by god if he couldn't save it's crew he would save it. Nine gone, one left after pushin' the speed of light. Quiet sobs still escaped his form, a silent grief, the worst kind of grief. He was going to die here, bleeding to death or starving to death and it was all because of that damn job. With what he believed his last breath he cursed that fucking mining company, and in the same breath once more asked the God's why. Once more, they remained silent. Though these morose thoughts were interrupted, the Ship's scanners picking up a set of lifeforms outside, big, most likely hostile. This put his fight or flight into affect, and he chose fight. Powerful fingers gripped at the ships railing, a weakened cry escaping pallid lips as he pulled himself up onto his good foot. Limping and using whatever he could as a balance, he stumbled his way to the deck where his baby rested.
"Timeless, my girl."
[8:43 PM] Alpha Tenchi: The wooden stock of the weapon stood out against the greys and plastic whites of the ship, the orange LED displays and the blinking red emergency lights. Slipping it up, the old MG42 was heavy as ever. That weight bringing him a certain amount of comfort. Settling into the Captain's seat he swiveled it about to face the only entrance, resting the machinegun to his side and keeping his finger to the side of the trigger. Golden eyes fell upon the weapon's side and once more he went over those sacred words carved onto the stock. Still not sure what they meant, Riptide assumed they were names originally, but the last one made him believe they... might have been places.

 "Stalingard. Korea. Afghanistan. Mars."

[8:58 PM] The Beldam: Khooey resisted the urge to verbally accost Fenris while they worked as Sentinels. They were meant to be a team and his concern for her wellbeing would get fully in the way of efficiency. However, almost immediately after she understood that as her friend he was only worried and thanks to their history? He always wouldd.  ”Hait!’ she commanded the Helion; a ‘horse’ in a looser sense of the word with horns, solid red eyes and a much larger but sleeker frame thn any normal equestrian breed most had lain eyes on. It’s hooves had three prongs much like something more feline or lupine and black smoke burst from its nostrils with each breath. Unlike Fenris’s mount, Khooey’s was too young a mare to have sprouted any antlers. Which was fine to the Djinn as she’d had antlers in the past before all the bad things had happened and knew they itched something fierce. ’Ride my flank, then. We got it.’ After, two other Sentinels burst into the comm-stream with plenty of urgency and shock in their voices. Both Rose and Terpsichore had witnessed the crash from their own observation point. ’You need t’ send Sloane and Linn-miri to guard our posts. Fen and I are goin’ in. Blowin’ somethin’ up here shouldnt be on the menu.’ The black steed took Khooey halfway to the point of impact within three minutes exactly as promised. Behind her, Fenris would be able to spot the other sentinel-women riding down a snow-capped mountain path from the compound’s camp ground in preparation to close the security hole left behind by Khooey. As for the Djinn, she reached over her shoulder and pulled and arrow out of the quiver situated against the right side of her back and detached a collapsible crossbow from her hip. Once deployed she based three arrows in waiting against her left forearm and took Vierge higher up the pines.-(edited)
[8:58 PM] The Beldam: The tops of many of them had been destroyed; clipped by the angle of approach and chipped pine was scattered all over the ground. It had been a vessel alright. Once in range, she whistled and screwed her face up at the build having never seen anything like it before. Not quite advanced but unfamiliar as hell. The bangle on Khooey’s wrists turned red without warning and jerked to the right of the decimation. Nearly by instinct, she loosed the first arrow— and hit something with a mighty fine pair of tusks. ’Not your find…’ she’d growl, understanding there were always more. They loved prey that couldnt put up a real fight(edited)

[9:10 PM] Fenrisian: Khooey would do well to realize that despite his care for her, he gave her a sign of trust in letting her go at it alone and letting her out of his sight. She was a legatus afterall, and had proven she could take care of herself. The gut-weasels were enticed by the smell of meat, seeking to reveal the purpose behind their name with macabre demonstration. Seeking to open the bellys of the dead crew, and suck their innards into their mouths like pasta. If shot at, the creatures would let out terrible shrieks, enticed. Though they preferred easy prey, once enticed when in the way of a meal, once threatened they became quite aggressive. They were quite agile too and capable of scaling the walls and ceilings of the ships through even the smallest seams and pores. The one outside fell to the djinnis bolt, squealing and shrieking, as more began to come. It was clear there was a small colony of the gut-weasels around, and Fenris was not yet here. Seeing the threat of the djinni they began to turn their attention upon her, and 3 or so crawled up towards her on the rocks.

[9:20 PM] Alpha Tenchi: Seeing the beasties entered he let out a low "No." Anger welled up within him, an unspeakable rage that flowed from every pour like sweat as his finger wrapped itself about the trigger of his weapons. "You fucking stay away from them!" He rumbled out, his voice deep even through the pain. Bellowing warning was followed by immediate action, the gun flying up with destructive speed. The spaceman knew in his mind, he couldn't wait in this cabin and wait for his friends to be defaced. So he held fast and squeezed the trigger, quitting was no way to go out. Especially not for Riptide. The boys in the engine room were easy prey, but that all changed as he threw himself onto his feet, the sickening crunch of bone and flesh grinding echoed out as he let loose a flurry of rounds. The unmodified weapon could slap out rounds like one wouldn't believe, each round exploding into flesh and tearing free great gouts of their carapace. He was oblivious to the woman outside, instead he gained tunnel vision for the events before him.

 "This is the joy of Terra! The great Iron Mistress! We're her children and you won't be leaving this fuckin' place alive!"

[9:33 PM] The Beldam: Immediately, it was clear she couldnt take out a swarm of the irritating creatures with arrows. Redpoint girls had dealt with the “weasels” plenty of times and understood they were nearly comedic relief in low numbers and a scourge of epically lethal proportions beyond that. Khooey collapsed the bow and all but lobbed it back onto its magnetic holster and took a long whip chain from around her hips that ended with a meteor-hammer tip not unlike an oversized, solid bullet. Rose had designed it specifically for her (along with another custom made for Terpsichore) years ago and had made it out of one of the few metals that could withstand high heat without warping or becoming amorphous and molten.  Extending to lasso-length, the Djinn spun the chain and hammer; rotating her shoulder and flicking her wrist to extend its ‘business end’ at any of the disgusting leech-like carrion eaters she could find. Vierge was dismounted— and through its training left the area at full gallop where it would instinctively pause and rear up near the closest Helion; likely Fenris’s. At the sound of gunshots coming from inside of the vessel, Khooey’s eyes widened and the chain-hammer’s tip shunted temporarily into the charred soil and pine needles. ’Stop shootin’!! You’ll bring everythin’ up here!’ she’d bellow; understanding now that there were survivors but firing handcanons wasn’t the brightest idea from any direction. Then again, how would they have known. Whoever was inside would be treated to something tearing into the same entrance the weasels had taken; what appeared to be a woman of short stature and skin as dark as ink with horns to match— and her body swam in blue-violet flames.-
[9:33 PM] The Beldam: ’I said stop shootin’!!’ Once again, before she yanked the chain behind her back to contained lasso-length and managed to “Spear, smear and cook” any remaining little horrorshows inside of the cabin. After, she’d turn toward the entrance; holding the hammer in the ‘wheel’ stance with the chain spinning slowly at her side and paralel to the ground.

[9:40 PM] Fenrisian: The gut weasels were not amused, as they were smeared by djinnis hammer, and bullets from the males carbine. A typical colony contained anywhere from 20-40 of the creatures, but there were some super colonies that could contain over a thousand. These colonies were short lived however as they typically ate everything alive for miles till they starved themselves out or scattered to greener pastures. This was thankfully not a super colony, but it looked to be fairly robust. The creatures would perform a disturbing trick that was familiar to the djinni as they began to bite into each other, forming ourobouros as they created chains of each other interlocking on their backsides which revealed their own mouths. They would form a writhing mass of fur, mouths, and claws, and seek to drag itself towards the djinni. The same happened in the ship in microcosm, but the construct now lashed out at the male with half a dozen mouths stretching out towards him, from the writhing mass of limbs. A few had not joined their comerades and had instead continued to feast upon their comerades
[9:40 PM] Fenrisian: feast upon his dead comerades*

[9:47 PM] Alpha Tenchi: Self preservation was natural to humans, even in our darkest moments where we might hope to find pride or bravery we find instead cowardice and the need to live. The want to continue to exist, and here it showed. Riptide panicked, seeing the mass of beasts he stepped forward and slammed his hand into a small platform on his chest. From his waist a series of metal lacing undid itself, falling to the ground and righting itself upwards in a thick lattice. From this lattice fell a series of sheets of metals, each one of them connecting to the last and forming a barricade blocking the entrance to the captains cabin. "I'll stop firin' when all these buggers are gone!" Lips pursed and he placed the barrel of the machinegun into a small opening on the wall, letting loose with another salvo. This time, the slavo was aimed at the beast but as far away from the other voice as he could hear. It was only once he got the barrier up that he let out "What the fuck was that?" Breathing quite heavily, another low mutter followed and he began to think about just what inhabited this world. Devils? Beasts? Hell, he was practically begging for goblins at this point. Anything but whatever lay out there. The firing would eventually run dry, the ammunition case attached to the side found empty and wanting.

 Riptide did not keep extra cases in the Captain's Cabin.

[9:58 PM] The Beldam: The Sentinel had heard about the disgusting ‘Golem’ format of the weasels according to Rose and Whinnie-Sloane. She’d taken it to be a tall tale, and yet, here it was. A huff from the Ifrit that sent a burst of somewhat brighter, strangely hued flame from between her lips as she reeled the hammer’s chain back— and then had to pause and ram her shoulder into the nearest solid, upright construct to crush one of the fur covered maggots. ’You’ll set somethin’ off!’ she’d bark; more base in her usually soft-spoken cadence than anyone had ever heard in a year.  Now wound up again, she deployed the chain and hammer— its entire length now bathed in fire— and shot the point toward the equivalent of the monstrosity’s solar plexus. She aimed to fire through the mass of soft, disgusting bodies and sink the hammer into the ship’s chassis behind it with hopes that carefully calibrated aim had shorn through the limb it had extended on the way to the foe. Should Khooey’s aim be true. She’d have the beast spitted; but understood its modular construction meant it could all but dissolve while she had it on pull. Bracing with her left leg, she brought the right up to hook the chain with the toe of her boot and slam it into the ground as a rush of flame and concussive force could be seen rocketing through the weapon’s length in less than a second. Once it reached the entry wound  it would implode without any more metal to carry the charge due to all of the flesh in the way and the cabin of the ship-(edited)
[9:58 PM] The Beldam: the two remaining lives in it and the barricade would likely be painted with gore and sprayed with gobbets of flesh and many other fetid, viscous fluids. Khooey’s power would have taken all out but a few— and they could be stomped, so, stomp on them she did. Sharp, screeching metal sounded as the Djinn retracted her chain weapon, wet with gore and and canned for any further threats along with the man who’d been firing his weapon.

[10:05 PM] Fenrisian: The shoulder ram was met with attempts to bite at her, till the fire came, where it spread quickly, squealing screeching shrieks ensuing as the construct fell apart, the creatures panicking at fire, now seeking escape to breed, to live. Fenris had now come around the corner, having dispatched a few dozen of the disgusting critters, as they had been swarming up. At the very least the colony had been devastated. He made his way towards the crashed ship, dismounting and walking up towards its interior. His blade in hand, he saw a few flaming weasels running away bounding off into the forest. Unfortunately many of the mans comerades had been fed upon.

[10:09 PM] Alpha Tenchi: He hadn't realized the beast had been in the room with him, and so when it made itself clear with a growl and whatever guttural words left it's maw he uprighted himself and nearly screamed. Only containing it to retain some shred of masculinity he had left, he slammed himself against the opposite wall and watched with horror as it performed some great feat of combat. It all happened in slow motion, every stance and shift of musculature was noted, the technique and the weapon, the flaming power. He had seen much like that but never that.... aesthetic. He watched with some fascination as the lass took care of the rest, absent-mindedly patting his hand against his chest until the barricade itself collapsed, sending the lattice and metal frame back around his waist. Trying to find words, the mercenary stuttered for a moment. He paused, taking his time to find the right words. Thank you? What the fuck are you? Thanks what the fuck are you? It was in these short moments his eyes found their way back to his leg, and a fainting power nearly overtook him. The sudden pain of it almost knocked him unconscious, and he stuttered out in a weak slur. "M-my leg's kinda fucked up. Help." Leaning against the wall, he was barely standing on his own.

"Ah fink' ahm' gonna die."

[10:24 PM] The Beldam: Khooey brought up a hand to smear some of the shit from her face and remarked, as usual, that those things must have had the same gross fluid inside of them as cysts or something. Living things just shouldnt have smelled that terrible on the inside. The Ifrit huffed one last time; coughing out a final burst of heat and light before she suddenly extinguished herself; now dark and steaming ever so slightly in whatever fluorescent light was left in the ship’s ruined interior. Lilac irises turned to the scared survivor patting his chest and saying something about his leg and being sure of impending doom. Hopefully he wouldnt be frightened of the ‘lass’ approaching him with a sense of urgency and dropping to her knees beside where he lay; spotting his ruined leg before he’d have time to mention it. ’You ain’t gonna die, Sugar. Jus’ don’t move too much.’ she’d croon; all the classic Khooey niceness from before returning to her tone as she examined his leg with dark, deft fingers. She meant to help even if the man would likely feel the heat radiating off of her form and be close enough to the mean looking set of curved horns on her head where any normal person might fear being rammed or skewered. When Fenris entered, she’d turn over her shoulder and address him. ’He’s got a compound fracture. I need you t’ get the kit on Vierge’s saddle. Unless your’s is nearer. You’ll know it when y’ see it, it’s got V&V on the side.’  -
[10:24 PM] The Beldam: If he brought the leather pack back which was about the size of a large messenger bag; opening it revealed an extensive medikit. This fellow didn’t have injuries too out of line with common accidents in such a hostile terrain: breaks, shock and more. ’Can y’ tell me your name? Where’d you come from? I’m Khooey Redpoint.’ and it would seem like such an awkward time to make conversation until he’d be surprised by her shoving a needle into the top of this thigh and depositing a healthy dose of painkillers. But the pressure and pain from the tearing and bone rattling around his leg would be white hot agony until the drugs kicked in. ’Ain’t gonna die. Nobody’s gonna die, sugar.’

[10:30 PM] Fenrisian: He let out a growling huff, and returned to hand her the bag. “You’re gonna have to play nursemaid though…” he told her. He was feeling surly at the moment, the encounter having soured his mood. “After you patch him up, I think you should go get those other gals and bring them here to help bring him back and investigate things… I’ll stay while you do so.

[10:41 PM] Alpha Tenchi: The moment the smooth crooning voice washed out, he felt this wave of relaxation cover his form like a cloud. Leaning back against the wall, his brow would furrow and a mixture of pain, the dulling adrenaline and aching tiredness would bring forth some of his Captain's earliest words. "Never set the cat on fire." He snickered, a weak snicker that was brought about by nostalgia. The Captain was back on Terra, safe and sound. Here he was, fighting aliens while being patched up by some damned demon. It was a beast of a thing, with horns and a weighted chain, like something out of those old Adventurer's Tales. Long before technology came to his planet. "Not dyin' wasn't on my list of things.... to begin with ." Was given in reply to her sweet words, yet her inqusition was met with skepticism. That guy outside, he had said investigation!? Investigations means suits, suits mean trouble and trouble was the last thing he needed. They weren't wearing Federation wear, maybe they were just some Ranchers, just some ranchers with fire powers and magical weaponry. Yeah. Doing something a bit out of character he would trust the lass with this information, still witholding his name as he intoned "You can call me Riptide. Out there is James, Gunny, Brickard, Higgins, Leo, Maximus and Dog. Good men. I'm from ol' Terra, born in it's orbit and planned to die in it's orbit. But here I am. Khooey. These men's bodies ain't gonna stay here, what's left of em. I'm tellin youse this, neither is my ship. This is all i've got left. I'll gladly come with ya wherever ya want me to but ya gotta promise me that we ain't forgettin' my ship. My teams dead, i'm gonna need help gettin' this bird back in the air. The Iron Mistress deserves better." Having left behind the world of men, he didn't even wish for a way to go home.

[10:55 PM] The Beldam: ’Linn Miri’s 45 seconds out from us with the Snow Bridge.’ she’d say; referring to the speedy and heavily armored vehicle that tore through the Redpoint terrain of ice, pine, stone and tree like a hot knife through butter. They had three of them, or would once Rose finished detailing the other two in stark white for the winter. ’We’ll need your help getting our friend here into the med-pallet in the back then y’ can ride back down with us or not. We’ll be fine carting him.’ After addressing Fenris, she knew by his mood and tone that he wanted to be by himself and help in that manner; sniffing about and staying to himself. Now, Khooey pulled out a stint and three heavy canvas binders in the largest and medium sizes. The other cinches were clearly for arms or small enough for fingers. ’Well, Mister Riptide I aint heard of no “Terra” but, I’m gonna need y’ on  your back alright? I gotta set this leg an’ you’re hurtin’ so bad because y’got blood rushin’ to it while standin’ up. Lay down an’ let me get you right as rain. My friend and I are gonna get you into our M-ATV and take you to our home. Your ship’ll be fine an’ we even have some guests around that could assist with the damage.’ Although the shredding done to the hull was catastrophic. Hopefully, that was the least of the worries. If Riptide fought the agony and let Khooey get him into a supinated position, she very quickly set his leg with the binders using their velcro panels and shoe-string lace ups. -
[10:55 PM] The Beldam: After, slip-in openings would allow her to ease metal rods down the length of the limb. It would do for now. ’Up here, Mister Riptide, we bury by fire. With or without ceremony— it’s very, very necessary. I need y’ to focus on not rattlin’ that bone around for now ‘cause I can tell you’re in shock. It’s below freezin’ up here an you got sweat on you. Can you hear the engine outside?’ Surely enough, the enormous tank known as the Snow Bridge had crawled up the hill on it’s six impressively treaded all-terrain tires He’d even be able to hear the engine cut and a door slam. A woman a bit taller than Khooey (with regular brown skin, short curly hair and no horns) wearing the same ranger-gear dragged in a folded medical pallet and set it up beside the pair.

[11:08 PM] Alpha Tenchi: Riptide watched, his eyes going wide as he muttered "No, no they've got to be put back into space. It's how they're supposed to go damnit, just keep the bodies somewhere! Preserve th- Argh!" He cried out as he shifted weight onto the leg, simply giving way to the young woman's commands. Riptide normally only took commands from well, a commandant. But here, she was his commandant and his life was in her hands.  He lowered himself onto the board, slowly and carefully he moved. The medicine began to kick in and the numbness overcame him, that scared him more than anything, not being able to feel. He had only had this feeling once, and it was the moment he had returned home. To think medicine could emulate even a portion of that feeling, and that it was a neccessary . His head cantered up to the other young woman, and he called out "Oh good, at the whims of two young women. How manly." Snickering a bit, he relaxed his head against the pillow and muttered. "Man, in my dreams you lasses were wearing a lot less ."

[11:19 PM] The Beldam: ’Alright hon, space.’ she’d say as if the Redpoint operation had the sort of capabilities to do something like that. Mostly, she didnt want Riptide’s blood pressure skyrocketing and causing him to hemorrhage or something worse while he was conscious and boasting such a terrible injury. Khooey braced the man as he lowered so they wouldnt unsettle the bones any further even if she’d done an expert job of tightening everything into place with the braces. Linn Miri hardly spoke— she only scowled when the man said something lascivious to the both of them and it earned a ”Who the hell is this sky-dog?” before Khooey shushed her. With Khooey at his feet and Linn moving around to his head, both Sentinels kneeled and picked up the pallet’s handle; balancing Ripside between their bodies as they gingerly stepped out of the cabin and into what might look to him as an enormous, white military vehicle of some sort. The back doors swing open and with the backseat’s rests down it was easy to shunt the pallet into the vehicle’s interior via locking mechanisms so he wouldn’t knock around the cab while they went down the hill and to the house. Linn turned the engine over and it roared to life while the Djinn elected to sit in the back cross legged with the lone survivor of the…. ’What was your ship called, Mist Riptide? The Iron what?’ she’d ask, holding his hand. It wasn’t a gesture of intimacy or reassurance but one to monitor him for trembles, a drop in body temperature and other signs of ill fortune.
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