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Post by Røse on Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:49 am

23:26:16 Lautrichienne - This far toward the North, the skies had grown much colder than most passengers could tolerate. Only three rode with the Hyrrokkin crew this deeply into Sanctum’s arctic-equivalent circle and two of them had dismounted hours prior; the remaining passenger toughing it out as a sea of pines— a boreal forest spanning the planet’s crown for thousands and thousands of miles. No longer any oceanic warm currents below the sky-frigate to enjoy; the temperature was rapidly crawling below freezing— and Kreise tended to hate the cold. She could never understand why people would choose to live this far north in such harsh conditions and, much less, set up a major operation, nature preserve and even some sort of orphanage. Not only was Kreise stopping for the very “Vittles and victuals” that the legendary Redpoint operation offered (including plenty of spirits) but refueling was possible as well...and her remaining passenger was apparently familiar to the land. Below, the boreal pines broke here and there to give way to higher altitude flatlands here and there and in the far distance she could see the twin mountain peaks. Within ten minutes, they’d be hovering over a capped hill the Redpoint operation had set up for just about any flying construct that wasn’t too big to touch down and, as usual, Kreise knew they’d be met by those fine, strapping young women who rode the creepy black horses and never seemed to take to flirting as much as the Hyrrokkin crew enjoyed. A crewman rapped on Lucien’s door before running off; letting him know they were landing in the north and it was his time to get his effects together and come to the Hyrrokkin’s deck on Kreise’s word. She’d be at the starboard side looking down at the white terrain below— the years first snows had come in rather strongly and there wasnt enough black fur in the world to make the rebellious woman stop frowning about the cold nipping at her lithe frame.

23:47:12 Geguri Had found it rather easy to bend the stipulation that was given to her not that she had mind to actually listen to the blowhard that damn near killed Kreise. She had simply decided to take a prolonged stay upon the Hyrrokkin. A working vacation of sorts that and she had promised the lovely scallywag some work and she did have news that there was some rather lucrative work to be done. Her heat would be added to that of the heavy fur as she’d lean in close to the captain with a grin. ”You seem cold, I have something should warm you right up.” Hands would rise as she’d press a warm cup into Kreise’s hands with a grin, eyes slipping down to gaze at the frosted forest below with a small shake of her head. ”Never was a fan of the cold, but it does have perks. I hope they don’t remember what happened the last time we both showed up together though.” Below the decks Nisa was hard at work keeping the ship’s heat from shutting down her fixes a temporary solution till they could get the parts needed once they made landfall.

23:55:34 Lucian had been on quite the voyage as of late. The air vessel had finally docked and Lucian had found himself purchasing all the alcohol that this crew would part with. He had almost needed to strong arm one of the men just to give him one more bottle of strong wine but Lucian had not wanted to part on bad terms with Kreise so he had just let it be. For now Lucian had already packed his things and was ready to depart. Except, of course, he had found himself feeling far too tired from the previous night of drinking. "Uuuuuughh." The young man had groaned in his sleep when hearing the rapping on his door. Whoever it was that had awoken him would soon enough feel his wrath. His eyes slowly squinted open and he would realize just what he was dealing with now. The ex-Prince would find himself snapping up to his feet as he brought his hand up to wipe at his brow. A look of utter frustration overtaking him as he realized his vacation cruise was about to come to an end. He had a destination in mind and, in truth, he had avoided any bloodshed. Lucian had, thankfully for the invading crew, been asleep when Kreise's ship had been boarded by some officials from another Empire. If he had been awoken from his drunken slumber, he might have killed them all just for disrupting his peaceful drunk nap. It would take him some minutes to get packed up as the ex-Prince made certain to pack his entire luggage. His gaze remaining on an old notebook for far longer than he should have before tucking it away. Soon enough, the exile would find himself fully clothed for the cold weather with a jacket and boots as he made his way on to the deck. The various bottles of alcohol that he had procured were in a small satchel that hung off to his side. Those eyes would assess all on who were on the bridge. And most certainly the Captain and her lady friend. "....." He says nothing for the time being as he moved past the stairway to find himself going towards the railing on that ship. The snow was vibrant and it felt so cool to the touch-
23:55:41 [Lucian] -- that Lucian had to take a moment to breathe it all in. The exile would not speak to Kreise unless she spoke to him first. She knew who he was due to her spying on his private affairs. But he was unaware of such a thing. He might not have even cared if that was the case. "You should be cautious Luc." The apparition chides him as his sister slid up beside him with her hands of affection and compassion. "You chose Redpointe because you don't care what happens to you at this point. Maybe you want Father to find you and burn this entire place to the ground. Force the Celesin--" The thought was cut off by Lucian leaning back from the railings, a low hissing sound leaving his mouth, as he tried to readjust himself. He was tired still but he would manage. The young man would tug on his gloves and pull the collar on his jacket to make certain he was warm. He just.....needed to get to where he was going. That was all.

23:58:48 Lautrichienne wasn’t all too happy with Kasim herself and had coincidentally been thinking about how pissed she was at his near-lethal fit of jealousy. Surely, it was his XO’s extreme bias and mishaps that had caused all that had gone pear-shaped that lovely afternoon— but there was no denying that it had been her husband’s fixation with Geguri and the idea that his wife might be permanently stolen from him that had started it all. Kreise hadn’t spoken to him in the weeks since but knew it would have to be worked out eventually. She’d have to give it to him raw, reestablish some boundaries and more— all while avoiding the subject that he could exert his imperial authority over her any time he liked. Along came Geguri promising her something to keep her warm and immediately inspiring Kreise to leer at the woman until she saw how honest she’d been about it with a drink in her hand. Chuckling at her own lasciviousness, the delightfully warm soup or tea would be taken gingerly from the other woman and with fingertips lingering briefly over knuckles. Old habits truly did die hard. ’I’m looking forward to a few nights in the big house. Unless we’ve had the welcome-mat rescinded. Who could blame them if so….’ so they’d gotten a bit too comfortable with a couple of those girls. So what? Jet black, coiled hair was tossed over Kreise’s shoulders. Her locs were becoming absurdly long and the roots were a bit too loose for her grooming preferences. Perhaps the matron would mind giving her a re-twisting session with those nice, steely hands of hers? A strange hiss tore her thoughts away from northern thighs and fun memories and her gaze away from the pines below— the ‘Prince’ had come out to join them on the deck and seemed unsteady on his feet...least of all. ’There he is! How’s the honored guest enjoying the northern bite?’ And Kreise hoped he would without complaint too as this was his final stop, after all.

00:02:08 >[Rose] >> Welcome to Sanctum! The world of Sanctum is a large ongoing continuous story line in a Demi-Freeform setting. Characters of all walks and creed are welcome, everything that happens on sanctum adds to the growing story and the cannon! Taking part in Sanctum is taking part in the greater lore and story of the Sanctum Universe. This is a high fantasy setting, where science meets magic, dragons meet starships and everything and everyone is at stake, there is no safety net. For further information and questions please see our FAQ and feel free to peruse or play on the forums. FAQ: https://sanctumchat.rpg-board.net/t145-faq-our-mission-hello-newcomers-please-read-this-before-participating-in-sanctum

00:16:45 Geguri Pressed herself closer and gave a shrug at the thought of being turned away. ”Aye I do hope they let us enjoy a night inside, it’s not like we didn’t give them some fond memories and a wild night. I’m sure we’ve done far worse at other places I see no reason they would give us too cold a shoulder Her head turned to regard the boy with a small grin flashing a glint of too sharp canines and a gleam in her dark eyes. ”Ah so this is him hmm, you’d have thought he’d be able to stand on his own a bit better by now.” She chuckled warmly though and moved towards him hand offered in greeting as she’d take him in with a more than critical eye. ”It’s good to properly meet you though, shame we seemed to miss one another while we both happened to be on board.” Her grip would loosen as she’d return to look out over the sea of trees and snow with a chuckle.

00:31:33 Lucian certainly wasn't finding his balance anytime soon. The young man found himself grimacing as he heard the voice all around him. "You'll have to kill them all someday." The apparition muttered in his ear. "Just take them by their throats and kill them all. Just like Father would. We have no friends. Only people who are useful to our family." Emmara's tongue would click all too dangerously as she strolled around Lucian. His brow furrowed and he did his best to stay focused on the view of the sky above them all. They would be landing soon enough. And when he was off this rock then he could actually breathe again. The large ship had felt free but in truth it had also felt like another cage to put him in. He needed open land that he could just walk on with no problem or limit too. The sarcastic remark from the Captain gave the exile pause as he considered her words. He had paid a hefty fee for his cabin and his alcohol. In truth he had ate little and had drank far more than he should have. "Only too well." He mutters loudly enough for the pair to hear. The grin from the foreign woman gave Lucian some pause as he regarded her with that cautious expression. "It's fine." He would reply as he went to shake the woman who eyed him with such critical disdain. "I didn't leave my room often enough to get more accomodated with other guests." And he curses himself in that moment for saying 'accomodated' as opposed to 'meeting'. He can't give the impression he was more than he was. An exile on the run. Still, that critical eye had certainly been noticed. "You should push her over, brother. Push her over and see if she'll watch you still while she's falling to her death." Emarra growled before giggling like a mad girl. She would dance and move around them all with so much glee as she danced around Kreise and leaped over Geguri. The laughing girl and her perfect dance were just that. Too perfect. And yet, Lucian knew it was all a lie. "Will you be departing as well?"

00:42:24 Lautrichienne - For the second time, she noticed that Lucien’s eyes seemed to wander. They’d flick away and away from whatever or whomever he was focused on. Kreise wondered what he was seeing that they were all missing out on and then decided, again, that it was not her concern. Best not to ruminate on it. Geguri and the man were having an exchange that was filled with general niceties and the other woman’s subtle verbal testing. Naturally, the guest didn’t look prepared for such things. His comment about departing did at least inspire Kreise to speak up. ’She’s with me for a bit. However, you’ll not be rid of us new friends for a few days, sorry to say— we’ve got a working relationship with the Matron here an’ she’s expecting us. A few days of much needed ground under our feet and then we’ll be marching a shipment of Redpoint’s finest out with us.’ In her ear piece, Nisa informed her that Hyrrokkin was ready to touch down after the hovering and calibration. ’Well, let’s touch stone.’ she’d say to her XO through the earpiece; speaking to someone several levels below the deck instead of the pair before her. A shudder ran through the ship and it jolted; possibly unseating Lucien’s newfound balance while the much more seasoned women likely braced with their knees in perfect unison. The Hyrrokkin was lowering; her stabilizers turning from horizontal to vertical with blue flame roaring under the ship. Within minutes, another grand shaking of the entire structure announced that they’d made landfall in Redpoint— and to accompany it, rocky cliff faces, snow, pines and the two women on horseback just as expected all in leather, canvas dusters, high tech face panels, goggles and insulated body armor. Kreise recognized them by the pale blond of one sentinel’s customary twin braids and the other’s lack of them due to hair being cut into a chin length bob: Whinnie-Sloane and Terpsichore had been on greeting duty. ’You must be somebody special to have a walking invite here. Dont worry, lad. I’ve got no energy to pry.’

00:58:52 Geguri Her grin was jovial as she’d feel the ship shake and tremble in it’s decent. Her body steadied as she glanced over at the others with a sly smile. ”Speaking of standing business love When we are alone I have some work for you if you’re interested after our stay.” Those dark eyes would ease over the two below and she’d offer them a wave of greeting. ”Looks like you got yourself a proper escort boyo.” She would fall in with Kreise though as they began to depart the ship. Arms resting casually at her sides while she looked the two on horseback over with an appreciative nod of her head. ”Though the land be cold the people still so very warm and inviting.”

00:59:19 Whinnie Watched in silence as the ship dropped from the sky as she steadied her mount with a small flick of the reins. Behind those goggles her eyes were careful to watch in case of any immediate issue with the landing. The wind would rise as the ship came down and she gave a small grunt of greeting as it finally came to a stop. ”Guessin’ we’re ready then.” Gracefully she’d dismount the horse to drop to her feet and moved towards the lowering ramp as a form of proper greeting.

01:08:12 Rose - Terpsichore only gave an irritated grunt to Whinnie’s observation and rolled her shoulders. She never much liked any guests at all— but the statement hadn’t only been for the blond’s ears as Rose, current shift leader for the active Sentinel troupe was back at the house and listening for the sign. From the gate separating the woodlands and campgrounds from the main ranch-home and facilities; she’d watched the Hyrrokkin descend from the sky onto their ‘redneck helipad’ stone platform and whistled. Rose wasn’t much of a flyer by any means but she sure did appreciate those air-and-amphib ships quite a bit. Perhaps one day she’d have one of her own whether by acquiring it, or better, figuring out how to build one herself. ’Copy that, Sloane. Bring ‘em around. Try an’ make it snappy too, I can see another Alto forming overhead and its a heavy-duty one. We’re getting dumped on again tonight.’ All while the Matron wasn’t here and her old rugged acquaintances were arriving. What Rose didn’t like was how damned forward those women tended to get. They were running a serious operation here, not the Best Little Whorehouse in the North and that ‘Christ Maul” woman could never seem to keep that in mind. Harrumphing, Rose spat to the right and eased her face mask back over her features; reveling in the instant warming effect over her wind-bitten skin. Klipse, her own Helion, was put into gear and walked the rest of the perimeter. 'Tell Terp to keep 'er hands to herself, too.'

01:33:01 Lucian 's eyes did seem to wander as though he were looking at something that just. Was. Not. THERE. "Oh I would be disappointed if our paths diverged so soon." His tone had gone from gruff to an almost charming tone as he looked back at the Captain with a smile on his face. If he was sarcastic it certainly wasn't showing as he just glanced between her and then the other woman who had been on this vessel. When the ship did jolt, Lucian would only reach over to grasp at the railing to find his balance once more. He said nothing for a short while until he made his way to that edge to see who was just below. The sight of the two women certainly surprised Lucian as the smile faded and he frowned immediately. "Yes." He muttered to himself as he made to follow the pair of women off of that ship. With his bag over his shoulders and his satchel hanging off to his side, Lucian would depart the ship that had given him sanctuary and safety from the Dorian Empire. The Hyrrokkin was a magnificent vessel but he would not miss it as much as he might have. No. He was far too busy now. For now, Lucian found himself just stepping off of that railing to get a good look around his surroundings. "It's a mistake to be here. That Sune'ere could sell you out to father to get good with his own." Emarra's cautious, perhaps panicked tone, seemed to scream into his ear as he just looked around the mountains and the snow that surrounded him. "If he removes you from play, and with me dead, and Momma gone forever, our Father will have no heir. No one to succeed him. Perhaps Sune'ere will want dear Jophiel and her brute of a bridge to inheri--" "Quiet!" The hissed word might have caught the attention of the assortment of women as Lucian looked all the more annoyed for a moment. Jophiel seeking to claim his throne? It wasn't entirely impossible but Lucian knew his paranoia was reaching a tipping point. With everything proceeding as it was, Emperor Arcerion had no heir to his throne. But Lucian still lived. What that-
01:34:32 [Lucian] -- meant was anyone else's guess. For now he was just an exile. And he certainly looked like it as he looked over to Terpsichore and Whinnie with that grimace on his face. The young man would bring a hand up and start to cough almost a tad too dramatically. "Sorry." He apologized to them all as he waved his hand with an awkward smile on his face. "I've had a nasty cough for the past two days. Comes and goes." He would smile apologetically to Whinnie before his gaze refocused on Terpsichore. He recalled their last meeting. His gaze flickered over her form for only the briefest of seconds before he turned to look back at the assortment of women he was meant to be travelling with. Yes, this was going to be a very interesting trip back to the Ranch.

01:50:17 Lautrichienne stepped off with Geguri; swaddled in some sort of black pelt and leather straps. She looked over the Sentinels and craned her head at them in a greeting of mutual respect— her lasciviousness aside, she knew the Redpoint girls did one hell of a difficult job and she could at least not distract them from it or misbehave while they were suited up and taking time out of their day to assist them. ’Whinnie-Sloane. Terpsi. Well met, you two. I’d say you’re looking healthy but can’t see an inch of skin under all that gear.’ Alright, well, she’d certainly misbehave at least a little bit. Just after, Lucien barked something and everyone went quiet; especially Kreise Maur who raised both brows at him and gave a questioning look. The blond sentinel turned her full-coverage mask toward him too— only a bit of steam bursting from the grates on either side of the mouthpiece belied that she’d even noticed what had happened. The two women dismounted their horses and made sure the party took great care going down the cement steps from the landing platform and onto the mezzanine below it where a high, cement roof kept snow off of the waiting all-terrain-bridging vehicle waiting for them. A girl she hadn’t met yet with short, curly hair and dark skin she’d later learn was named “Linn-Miri” opened the heavy doors to the snow pummeling vehicle and ushered everyone inside. The backseat of the ‘mountain tank’ as Kreise thought of it was wide and accommodating for all three bodies and the driver’s pit had not one but two passenger seats— although the girls wouldn’t be riding along due to the Helion mounts they were climbing back onto and riding out of the mezzanine ahead of everyone. -
01:50:27 [Lautrichienne] ’Houh…don’t she purr, Geguri?’ from Kreise once everyone was comfortable and Linn turned the engine over. The monstrous vehicle all but roared out of the mezzanine garage and toward the compound; it’s driver humming along to a kicky tune while her passengers rattled around the backseat. Blessingly, the ride wouldn’t last any longer than five minutes of a rollercoaster like experience and then they were parking the snow-bridge under weather-proof awning at the side of the magnificent Redpointe house. No one needed to ask nor had a choice about their bags being handled and all three would be ushered in the side door through the drinking porch’s path. The split, tri-level home immediately enveloped its newfound guests in welcoming warmth. Kreise immediately shirked the furs in spirit of not starting to sweat. Now that’s more like it! Where can I find your matron, on that note? Still some details to be figured out about this ferry job.’

02:22:02 Geguri Eyes shifted at that hissed outburst but she said and did nothing. The boy seemed to have more on his mind than just the cold, and she of all people that the sky and sea could make the stoutest of folks twist their minds into a hellish knot. Being on solid ground would help though, that and the ladies of Redpointe could make just about anything clear. She would give the two on horseback a sly wink as she walked by them and moved into the behemoth of a machine before settling herself in next to the other pirate with a grin. ”She does indeed, betting Nisa gets herself all kinds of worked up when she gets to ride in her.”She would settle back against her seat as she shut her eyes and began to hum that same tune as their driver. Thankfully seemed to always travel a bit light on such treks and would practically purr herself as she stepped into the welcome warmth of the building. Her own heavy furs would be shrugged off as she glance at Kreise with a smirk. ” Ah I can’t agree more, almost as warm as your room.” She would look around with that same sharp gaze used on Lucian before allowing herself to stretch with a small groan.

02:22:29 Whinnie Her reply was a small nod of her covered head in greeting the cold making her less keen for a chat as she would move with Terpsi as they helped the group get situated. Once again they mounted and moved ahead to lead the vehicle back home, the two fo them guiding it through the snow. Perhaps later she could get reacquainted with their company but it seemed for the time being she was focused only on getting them back safely as the snow fell in those heavy flakes that biting wind seeking any breach in her clothes. Gloved fingers would grab what she could before hauling the bags in with Terpsi tongue clucking with a slight annoyance before she’d finally pull the mask down and push those goggles back as they entered the warmth of the house.

02:32:26 Rose followed behind everyone entering the house— she’d lingered almost for the sole purpose of poring over her precious snow-bridger. She loved the behemoth, tactical monstrosity nearly as much as her own little girl and hated the idea of strangers leaving their smells in it. Once inside, she clapped a hand on Terpsichore’s shoulder, mumbled something and inspired the blond to leave again without another word. She did manage to clip Lucian on the way out, though— and he may have heard the puckish chortle coming out of her mask after doing so. Whinnie and Rose were left to deal with the guests and business partners. Off came the mask, goggles and Sentinel’s ranger hat to reveal familiar warm platinum eyes and her dark hair confined in the same twin braid style as Terp’s. ’Matron aint here, ma’am. She’s mostly on the road these days an’ left me in charge. So I can take the questions. This a friend of yours?’ Rose canted her head to the paler figure next to Kreise Maur and knew immediately that she was yet another salty dog of sea and air. They always had a look about them. ’Don’t need the fella introduced. We’re acquainted.’ Rose noticed Lucian looked far less put together and perhaps even a little sallow. She’d even had to glance at his hands and confirm his extra fingers just to be sure it wasnt just some tall, pale lookalike. Rose then opened a kitchen drawer and pulled out a small, blue glass bottle of something before lobbing it at the man. ’Linn Miri said y’ mentioned a cough. That’ll knock it out.’ In the background, a girl with obsidian horns and skin the color of coal eased herself off of one of the livingroom couches, swaddled herself in a blanket and took her and her puffy eyes to some place deeper and more private in the house. Rose winced. ’Don’t mind that one. She’s havin;’ a shit time of things.’

02:51:32 [Rose] btw here's the m-atv Snow Bridger. It'd be white tho https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ae/b3/63/aeb36363357b1c4c2a3d40f245489a3c.jpg

02:53:40 Lucian hadn't meant to be so loud. Or to give away just who he was yet. Kreise and Geguri were bound to not know just who he was or what influence he had once had over an Empire that could have ruined a great many things for them all. If only Dorian had taken a further interest. If only a great many things had happened before his family had fallen apart. "Before you fell apart you mean." Emarra chides him as she stood beside Kreise with a pout on her face. "Yelling or hissing at me isn't going to change anything, Luc. It isn't going to change the fact that dear old daddy might have to someday get off his lazy ass and come for you." Had his father been so lazy? How long had Sanctum been open for the taking? How long had Dorian and Celesin been on the brink of war but neither wanting to fire the opening shot? How-- "Oh relax and follow the cute girls." And with a critical expression over the Redpointe gals, in particular the one known as Terpsichore, Emarra would just giggle and twirl in place beside Geguri next. Her apparition form phasing through the Pirate Queen with no problem. "She certainly looks dangerous. And vicious." Lucian just followed the women as he saw the "mountain tank" in question. His eyebrow rose and for a brief moment he wondered if perhaps he should just walk again. But alas, now was not the time or place. The exile would get into his seat and place his bags by his feet and away from the other passengers so as to not offend them. The sheer speed of the vehicle didn't seem to matter to Lucian. But what did have his attention momentarily was the way this fake sister of his was giggling and laughing while leaning her head down from the top of the vehicle. As though Emarra had found herself atop of the vehicle and was holding on for dear life. Of course you'd follow me here too. He thought grimly to himself as he looked out that window to see his sister's face. He says nothing that might get some unwanted attention on himself before the ride ends. And, when --
02:53:45 [Lucian] -- having his bags taken in. But he would grab whoever it was that had his bags to gesture to his bags. "Careful. There's some.....sensitive items in there." He couldn't afford for his satchel of wine and other alcoholic beverages to be broken. The building was certainly nicer than he had remembered it. Perhaps that was just the fact he had been stuck on a ship for some time. And, soon enough Rose would appear to greet them all. His eyes watching her form for a good long five seconds before he nodded his head. "Yes." His reply was timid to say the least. "We do." The offered medicine from Rose was awkwardly accepted as Lucian thought of what he might use the medicine for. If it was cough syrup then maybe..... "Yeah." His eyes flicker to the girl with her horns as she departs that room in a huff and heads elsewhere. "It seems to be going around these days. Shit times I mean."

03:18:34 Lautrichienne let her own satchel be whisked away without a fight and, apparently, her furs as well. Much like last time, she knew she’d find them on top of some pretty bed in the house with white linen, beige knit accessories and other pretty, rustic comforts. Kreise Maur pulled out the nearest chair or barstool she could find and lounged in it; finding a way for her long, dark arms and legs to stretch out or be propped up while she watched the exchange between Lucian and the current head sentinel in charge. Kreise couldnt remember her name….Lilac or something? Briefly distracted by the sad cutie-pie in the next room over taking her ball and going home, Kreise got her bearings and got down to business. ’Got hold of your mo-, er, matron a few days back and I suppose she cleared us for a few days leave with you all. I’m already abreast of the situation— she wants us to move a few crates of something she doesn’t want to be caught out in the open with, right? And hey, if I might ask….’ Kreise jerked a thumb at Lucian. ’He was a fine passenger, believe it or not. I’ve got the sneaking feeling he’s going to need some work and I promised him I’d get that cleared with the Lady of Redpoint. Looks like you’re that lady right now. So what do you think?’ and with that, she couldnt help but glance at Geguri as they both knew Lucian didn’t appear to be able to lift more than forty pounds and appeared to be going through some kind of break down. Redpoint was a rough and tumble establishment where everyone worked until drenched and grinding their teeth— could he handle the ranch hand lifestyle?

03:29:04 Geguri There was a curl to her lips as she stepped forward with a friendly smile. ”Vaelin Geguri lovely and you might be?” There was a slight air to her as she’d lower her head those near black eyes flashing as she grinned playfully. ”Kreise and I are very close friends if you will.” She wasn’t sure if she was known by name this far North though she had spent a couple nights here in the past it had been a couple years though. ”I’m simply offering the captain here a hand on the job and I heard the beds here were nice and cozy.” A wink and she’d move to look around as she’d spy the girl alone on the couch and pout. ,I>”A shame to have such a bad time in a place so lovely, I do hope things get better for her.”
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