The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose

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The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose Empty The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose

Post by Khooey on Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:41 pm

rose - It was the time of the year when the cold rushed in; violent and full and rendering the sky a permanent and heavy gray for the next seven months. They were at the cusp of the true north; the coniferous woodlands and tundra ringing the planet as a five hundred mile barrier between the world’s heat and flora and the northern pole. Any deeper into it and Redpoint’s vast woodlands crashed into white, rocky mountain faces jutting impossible distances into the atmosphere.

Rose considered it her favorite part of the year. She wasn’t much of a summer girl outside of getting to wear next to nothing and be truly comfortable. Autumn was always beautiful; though, they were out of a biome that would turn umber, gold and brown. In the much more southern parts of Redpointe where oak and birch grew they’d have changing leaves. Not within the pines of the Compound, however. Usually, she’d be on the job of trapping and stocking for winter with Khooey who was set to visit home for two weeks in light of this express purpose. For now, alone and not lonely; Rose made it her own job to take home as many rabbits as possible until the Ifrit’s arrival.

On the back of an ​_enormous_​ black steed with luciferous crimson eyes; dorning antlers spread like wings from it’s crown as wide as Rose’s arm could stretch and standing an astounding twenty six hands tall. No “normal” equestrian beast had ever reached such heights and yet Syzygy, her ​_Equus Helion_​, born and bred by Sophonax, wasn’t even done growing. She was a might smaller than Hyrrokkin; the war-mare Khooey had inherited a year back. Idly, rose wondered how Firenzi was doing— the colt born of Hyrrokkin which had been sold to some giant man with white hair from space.

Must have been quite nice animals for the King of Space himself to personally come shopping for one!

Rose found herself giggling about this as she nocked an arrow, pulled her bow tight and fired with deadly accuracy at yet another large rabbit skittering about the slow and fallen pines. Even in the suddenly thick falling snow the Jann could see them running about without issue. So far, seventeen of them were hooked by their back paws on a bundle attached to Syzygy’s saddle. And, being as economical as she’d been taught, each arrow fired was retrieved, cleaned and wrapped in wax paper to be freshened once she returned home.

After she met a goal of twenty, that is. Lots of mouths to feed at Redpointe and freezers to fill. Not to mention how much downy rabbit pelt she was doing to process and make throws out of.

Rose paused on a steep hill overlooking the lands; realizing she’d gone up rather high. And to think she could see most of the long, winding and dangerous road leading up to the Redpointe Compound that most scarcely knew existed. When was the next time someone might travel it other than she or one of the other trained girl-sentinels?

hiems - It was the time of year that a man like Old Man Winter could get behind. He loved it, it left him ravenous and full of old life and new energy. It was the time of year more travelers disappeared from the roadsides, apparent victims to wildlife as few to none of their possessions were ever taken.

It was this vast north expanse that'd managed to give a man commanding the pack and territory he had from a place he'd not find familiar but where he would have once found a familiar face of sleeping cargo. Of course, it might not have mattered if he knew what it was and who had lived there or not – the man in the sombrero with a bite taken from its rim and a white button up shirt walked towards it just the same. His right arm was covered in a long leather glove that clearly went up past the elbow; his left was bandaged and quite swollen looking in a sling. Despite this, he wore a short sword on his right hip, and a long burlap wrapped thing strapped to his back with tanned leather.

If someone was watching carefully enough they'd see he did not travel alone – the black dogs stalking the woods were enormous and hungry looking – one would almost think the man in danger. These however stopped and seemed to retreat when the compound came in sight of the man's good left eye. The right was covered with an eye patch and some angry red flesh showed around it.

He found what was a path, though not well traveled, and started up it, almost certainly within sight of the hunter rose, though he either did not know or did not acknowledge this. He appeared, for all intents, to be very ill dressed for the weather – the pants and button up shirt would be more at place in the west than the north, and the hat was simply strange, though he seemed to have a medium pack on his shoulder not bearing the long cloth wrapped thing with some furs hanging out of it and a lantern and a few other things dangling from his belt loops.

It turns out the next time might be sooner than Rose had thought

rose - High above Hiem’s approach; the woman-child watched. She even uttered ​_’Jinx.’_​ under her breath— it might seem pointless to speak so softly nearly a mile out and upward from someone’s location, but, snow had a very acoustic effect, after all. Black hair with a gasoline sheen which had been down and free was knotted and pulled back into a messy wad at the base of her skull and a wide-brimmed hat was pulled over her crown. Following that; a black bandanna was yanked over her nose and left only her uptilted silver eyes and a strip of nut brown skin visible.

The Redpoint girls all wore this and a highwayman’s coat as a sort of uniform. Underneath; they boasted rather sophisticated body armor and thermal wear.

Rose forgot about her last three rabbits and put the arrow back in its quiver; the bow proving to be of a far higher tier of technology than its appearance belied as she collapsed it almost like a pocket knife and put it in her saddlebag. Out, instead, came the Thirty-Ought-Six to be loaded and tucked under arm as she turned Syzygy around, backed the steed up and for all intents and purposes seemed to ​_leap to her death_​ from the rocky hill’s incline.

Instead, she and the horse vanished in a burst of violet light; appearing in the same glittery wash a half mile out from the path at ground level and still hopefully well out of the strangers sight and smell range. Syzygy kicked up pine and snow; black smoke yawning from her maw from of dangerous teeth as she settled her stance.

The man was a click away from activating the wards — rose would observe and follow. Even from her distance she, a True Jann, only needed to focus her otherworldly eyes to see him in perfect clarity. Older, injured should have been suffering frostbite or symptoms of exposure along with those injuries in this climate— but he wasn’t. Was anyone ever a ‘normal’ in these parts and not some salty dog? It was the job of the Redpoint girls to be hyper observant and Rose was certainly taking notes.

After a moment; she’d tug the ​_Helion’s_​ reins and lurched forward; taking them into another of those strange teleportation (though the word is far from a true descriptor of the anomalies she was using to travel) like events and reappearing some half a kilometer in front of his path. Time to be the gatekeeper. Rose would wait as long as it took in full view for him to get close enough to be addressed.

​_’Long way off road, eh? What’s your destination Stranger….?’_​ she’d say; husky voice never seeming to be able to drop a constant playfulness even while muffled behind black cloth and speaking to someone giving off signs that didnt quite add up.(edited)

hiems - If he'd noticed her at any point before she popped out in front of him, there was no indication. It didn't matter anyways, he wasn't here for a fight, it was just...lonely out tin the woods sometimes, even with his pack. He used to talk to a great many people – in his youth those he choose and in his older age those who he used – and he missed some idle conversation.

That and maybe they had some good coffee or tea. Hadn't had any of that in a time. The old man slowed a bit when he saw rider in his path. He responded to her voice with a warn – and quite genuine smile, almost grandfatherly on his lined face. His raised a hand in an odd kind of salute ”Hile, gunslinger.” he called out, though there were no Sands here. Thankfully. ”Thu' road ain' long enough for the likes of me, quit it long ago, ya ken?”

His voice carried well, and despite its warm there might have been a chill for a moment, but fleeting – a moment when it was like the man before her came together and overflowed with something more – but it faded quickly – as though the man was fractured and whatever strange thing that was more than man spilled from the cracks and into the void, as though he could hold it for only just a moment and may not even know why or how, but it left him very empty in his absence.

Maybe it was merely age, maybe he'd really been more in his youth – for the very energy about him seemed old and tired; wounded in a way and foreign as his slurred accent.

It was the thing that was on his back that likely drew the most attention – it was dormant, that much was certain, but observed – or just as accurately felt – in the correct way revealed it was a sleeping giant. One had to wonder when it was awake if the man was carrying it or it moved the man.

He stopped considering and replied ”I ain' had a real destination for some time now. Jus' saw the place 'n got 'ta thinkin' I ain' had nothin' hot in some time. Got some fur 'n some other goods 'ta trade if'n it'll make it happen.” he shrugged ”Bit 'o chat might be nice too, ain' many that take the cold s'I'do, yeah?”(edited)

Rose narrowed her eyes at ‘gunslinger’ and couldn’t help but wear the faintest smirk under the bandanna. Immediately, she reckoned he was from the warmer lands way down south near the bottoms of the continent. They ran wild there and last she heard it was practically a warzone— just as it had ever been. But Gunslinger? Bow Howdy, didnt that sound nice?

​_’Believe you me, I do kennit…’_​ she’d say; the word rolling off her tongue as if it was a staple of her vocabulary already— and it was. She was Sophonax’s daughter after all, and, while her mountain accent wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as the mentioned matron or even Khooey, she had a slight twanging countenance to her speech.

​_’See you’re injured too. How’d you mess up that arm? Looks like the bone might’n’not be set on the right path.’_​ Syzygy whinnied; black smoke bursting from her nostrils as if threatening that there might next be actual fire to burst forth. Her solid blood-red eyes were focused on Heims and, clearly, she was fiercely tense. Heims might ask himself how Rose could see the limb from such a distance, however, the Northerners were never all that they seemed at a glance.

After, she let him speak and do as expected: ask for something hot, room and board, etc. Redpoint was the definition of hospitality above all things, but, strangers didnt get to go into the main house willy nilly. They had campgrounds, an operation offsite cafeteria and stables along with small cabins for a reason. Rose decided she’d take him there after nodding to herself. The wards were all securely on the maingrounds and in the dormitory where, should the man pose an issue, they would be safe away at a two mile distance,

A long moment passed before she took the enormous steed’s reigns and turned her around; one hand raising toward the old fellow to lead him toward an offshoot on the path. to the left they would go instead of straight ahead.

​_’No need fer trade, we got plenty. Unless you’ve really got something special I wouldn’t worry about having to leave any lighter. Follow me. Got chowder going in the group kitchen, Whinnie made fry-bread and there’s rye-whiskey.’_​ If he could keep up; she’d start covering the basics.

​_’Name’s Rose NaGig. what do I call you, sir?’_​ she turned over her shoulder; focusing on him with her strange, sterling silver eyes and larger-than-usual irises.

hiems - Old Man Winter never would have told her she was wrong with her guess, but he never would have called it right either. He was from someplace warmer, but it wasn't south, north, or any other real direction from here as far as he could tell. Not that he was looking these days, nor that it was apparently all that uncommon in this place from what he'd heard.

A genuine smile crossed the man's face, going so far as to touch that cold blue left eye as she replied. Nice to hear it out of a mouth that was...shall we say prettier than Friendly's or The Law Dog's, though she could be a mule and accomplish that much in his eyes.

“Might bit older than ya'd think. Reckon it might not ever heal, same as the eye. Doin' a dance with thing I ain' set to dance with, yeah? Taught me a bit about 'ere in tha way ka usually does” Meaning, of course, he ended up on the wrong side of something quicker than him. Or that could handle what he could dish out. Either way, strange for a man to get to his age in this kind of place if he made that a habit.

Truth be told she'd get no ill intent from the man; he was being genuine. Strange as he was he had that at least going for him. He began to move again as she moved towards another path, keeping pace well enough; clearly accustomed to the snow at this point and, arm and eye aside, clearly in excellent shape for a human of his apparent age, but by no means superhuman shape.

“'Fraid the only thing special yuh'd have to kill me to get. Yuh'd already've done it if'n that was your idea though, I reckon.” The statement was matter of factly – there wasn't even a sense of personal possession to it. “Mmm, been a while, s'mostly meat for me in the wild.”

He was snapped out of his daydreaming of booze and bread by the introduction soon enough “Hm, I reckon Jacob will do jus' fine. Pleasure Miss Rose” Another bright smile, this one more practiced – the smile taught to a child and retained throughout life by a mother keen on politeness.

“Mind me askin' what a place like this is doin' all the way up 'ere?” he inquired while following the unusual woman.

rose ​_’Bet’s its not as unfixable as you think. I could prove it.’_​ she’d say; continuing to lead them up the path toward the cabins and cafeteria. Soon the structures would come into view

The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose F26f7a3f5f71263b6f54b7d721814881

​_’Sorry, ‘Ka’? Aint heard of it.’_​ Rose reached into the sides of her highwayman’s trench and pulled out a cigarette which she appeared to light simply but sucking on the filter. Sophonax was off on her trade run and nobody else was around to scold her— she could finally smoke again in peace. At him saying she might have wanted what was strapped to her back the girl turned over her shoulder to look it over with obvious disinterest.

​_’Pleasure back at you. And, Oh no, you don’t have to worry about someone trying to shake you down up here. Not many thieves and vagrants come this far north. They’d bite it from exposure unless they knew the lands as well as we did. Means y’ quite lucky yourself to still be kickin’ it.’_​ Rose tipped her hat after being given a name. Jakob, eh? Seemed fitting.

Thick smoke exited her nostrils as she turned back around; wondering if he might be prompted as she’d hope to spill the beans and assuage her curiosity as to why he seemed so resilient against the weather. not to mention that old, worn down power roiling off of his form.

She saw it plain as day; curling off of him. It reminded her of the cigarette smoke, actually.

Soon enough the promised buildings came into view just as Rose was preparing to give his answer. She’d start explaining after (carefully) dismounting Syzygy and walking her into one of the front-facing pens. Even in this weather the beast would not only survive but likely thrive. That, coincidentally, factored into her answer.

​_’Its the best environment for ​*Equus Helion*​, this breed here. They’re very hot natured. Also up here its mostly unsettled in this age. Its practically the land of plenty, but, its harsh even though aint none of us going hungry. The beasts, both the normal fauna and the more preternatural are bigger and scarier up here. Aint safe unless you know what you’re doin’. So for Redpointe it’s damned near like having this big band o’ woodland’s circling the whole damn north of the planet all to ourselves. well— I guess I’m sure some others settled in on the otherside of the world this high up. I guess.’_​

A small, salted path lead the way up to the sprawl of cabins and into a main building; two stories high and likely formerly an old saloon. Miners who’d been working Søren’s peakhad briefly built on Redpointe before they’d all vanished one night into thin air.

hiems - “I'm not so sure I'd want to meet something powerful enough to undo what that thing did. Not too fond of the...whatever this place has going on with some of the locals honestly” His tone was serious. His accent wasn't gone but not nearly as pronounced, not as playful. Whatever had done that to him had left him....displeased apparently.

But the sour patch of mood didn't last long as the building came into view. When he carried on next the accent was still dulled and faded a bit, but with a tone of excitement and passion. “Ka is hard to explain. No one in this place seems to have a word for it. Fate is the poor man's word for it; god or gods is givin' it too much of a personality, ya ken? Not good, not evil; a cycle that is and plans without intention. There are some who believe it to be white, some red. I've come to think it gray.”

“Aye, suppose that’s true. Got a few supplies from those'd lost the way. Dun' like it, but ya live how ya live.” he chuckled slightly “Ah, ain' alone up here, strictly speakin', but the pack ain' exactly cute pups, scare people sometimes and sometimes ain' takin' to people too well. I'll find 'em again when I depart jus' fine methinks. 'sides, ain' ready to die and Ka ain' done with me 'parently.”

He listened to her talk about the ranch and the breed “Inenr'restin'. Never 'eard of them, but that covers 'lot'o things 'round here.”

He drew closer to her – naturally, rather than intentionally, as she dismounted and put the horse away to lead him towards the building. As he did the energy that seemed to leak from him seemed to coil around him almost possessively for a moment before 'relaxing'.

rose - ​_’So basically, Ka is the ​*Pneuma.*​’_​ she’d say; wondering if it surprised him or not that she indeed came up with a word for it. And much more. She didnt doubt the concepts were very different between wherever he called his origin of natural lore and what the true Jann believed.

​_’Got hounds, huh? Thought I saw something trailing you up the peak. Answers ‘at question._​ Rose took another pull of her cigarette and tossed it in the snow as they ascended the path. Hopefully old Jakob’s boots were high quality or he’d slip and slide over the inevitable ice up the stairs to the main building.​_’Probably for the best. We got a breed of hounds here not unlike the Helions. Hard to explain but they’re kinda hostile. Best not to have unknown canids skulking around. As for the breed thats what y’ saw me ride up on. Nothing else like ‘em in this world.’_​

An almost comically large, old fashioned and overfilled keyring was separated from her utility belt and used to unlock the double wooden doors. Once inside they were met with a gust of warmth that would immediately melt any snow or frost on their clothing. A fire had been going in the hall for some time and the building was also equipped with propane heating. No frozen finger danger in here!

Spread throughout the large room were rows of wooden tables; some of them looked oddly charred, but, it was clear they were of high quality and thick woodwork. Who had burned them? At the very least the tables and their built in wooden bench work for seats didnt seem to have taken too much of a beating from the mysterious evidence of fire. One charred spot appeared in the center of the floor as well— merely a cosmetic singe that blackened it.

​_’You can put your wares down anywhere, or, I can lock it up safe and pass you a key. Got big equipment lockers in the back.’_​ Though Rose had a feeling he might turn her down for that considering he’d placed an eerie amount of importance on them earlier. Bit of a strange one, this Jakob...wasn’t he?

Lazy tinsel hung from the rafters above and wreaths from evergreen branches decorated with dried pomegranates hung here and there. However, these were not people that celebrating Christmas. Something much older and certainly Pagan. Jakob was free to wander about and case the joint as he pleased since his hostess was undertaking the complicated task of removing her outer wear. The belt was uncinched and carefully put aside; hitting the table of a heavy metal and leather thud. Off came the Highwayman’s trench. Under it— actually rather sophisticated and thermal treated body armor in all black with stiff graphene panels sewn under tough, sueded leather. Must have cost a fortune to have made. Under that, the corniest snowflake fleece leggings imaginable and a tee with a crudely drawn naked woman on it riding a painted warhead.

Rose removed the hat and let thigh length gasoline-black hair fall loose. She was a looker— but not much of a charmer with such a cantankerous attitude.

A long bar in the room for serving food (with some home-base spirits on the shelves as well) boasted a slow cooker which brown hands soon consulted. ​_’Hey man— ‘_​ she’d call over to him. ​_’You ok with smoked salmon chowder?’_​

- The man's eyebrows lifted slightly “Hm, I'd suppose it close enough, though I've not heard that term either.” He smiled vaguely, as though recalling something else related tangentially from his youth, a real smile.

“Aye, they're of a bit more uh....'gressive breed, but they're my pack.” he said matter of factly.

Listening intently the man winced slightly as the heat washed over him, but at the same time it seemed to start to melt some of the undercurrent of aggression from him – drive off some of the coiling possessive aura around him. It wasn't gone, but it certainly wasn't as apparent in here. He set his bag and the sword on his hip on one of the tables at her behest. The cloth wrapped thing on his back, however, did not move from its position – only living his person long enough to remove some of the relatively meager outerwear he had.

He paced around the table he's placed his items on once, his eye quite plainly alert as any sane man – in his mind at least - would have it when entering a new place on the graces of a stranger. It wasn't really a sign of distrust or disrespect where he was from, simply something you did. He muttered something about a hotel called California under his breath in a lightly melodic manor. At least he also called the place rather lovely.

His attention snapped back to her and he grinned in the manner of a man sharing a joke mostly with himself “And you must be the lovely face.” he shoke his head slightly and shrugged “If'n I stop tryin' new things I might'us well be dead, I'm guessin' salmon is a meat?” He was certainly going to try it, but wanted to know what to expect.

His eyebrows quirked again as his eye dropped to her shirt for a moment – not in a lecherous manner but one that hinted at another thought entering the strange man's head.
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The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose Empty Re: The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose

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“Trust me, I know my way ‘round some aggressive breeds.” she’d say; following it up with a touch of dry laughter. Something about her tone belied that she didnt simply mean dogs and horses alone but perhaps something a bit more insidious.

Rose eased back behind the counter and opened the slow cooker; soon taking a ladle and spooning out something warm, pink and creamy with a succotash of vegetables, mushrooms and of course-- the promise smoked salmon.

“You serious? Never had salmon?” Well, he had to be, didn’t he? Old Jakob hadn’t even known what a damned salmon was. She found that incredible- but perhaps he was from down the world somewhere they didnt breed and no goods of the sort reached whatever hamlet he’d come from. “Yeah, man, its a meat. A fish. ‘Cept we take the meat and smoke it over applewood back where Sophie does all the curing and charcuterie.”

Momentarily; Rose stepped from behind the counter and passed him a deep bowl with a generous helping of the chowder and a large silver spoon to eat with. A slice of crusty bread had been dumped into it haphazardly. Had he sampled it, the flavor was heavy with cream, balanced by roasted vegetables and the bits of smoked salmon were very savory. The girl knew her way around a pot, obviously.

“”Can have seconds if you want but you better dig for that opportunity ‘fore Harken comes around. Else he’d straight up drink the whole fucking thing-- ah crap, sorry. Language.”
Because Sophonax had told her to watch her mouth around guests and strangers while Rose was used to speaking in her usual vulgar tone at all times.

“So Jake, how long are your plans to travel up here in the north? Where you tryna get to? We try to offer hospitality to strangers who find their way up here-- because it aint quite safe to go past here, you feel me? After Soren’s Peak and The Loq its nothing but the Taiga for an eternity. Barely nothing to eat. Lots of danger, too. We can probably put you up for at least a week in one of the cabins ‘less you wanna stay longer and lend a hand in exchange for boarding but just about everyone here’s gonna try to dissuade you from passing beyond.”

Rose, who had loaded a much smaller serving into a coffee mug paused to take a sip and licked pink tinged cream from her upper lip.

“Out there be monsters.”
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The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose Empty Re: The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose

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Hiem's brows quirked as she spoke. He might be old, but he wasn't stupid. God only knew what that meant in this kind of a place. Either way, he was getting some food, and something he hadn't tried before. Fish where he came from...well he supposed the ocean was still there someplace, but he was no where near it. The world was moving on from the green one it had been before his days.

Or at least his was.

He shook his head at her question and shrugged slightly ”Ah well if'n its fish, we ain' got that. Did want 'ta try one someday” today was his lucky day then wasn't it?

He took the bowl and nodded his head slightly “Thankee-sai” He said with the lessened accent and quickness of ingrained politeness – the kind beat into a child if they didn't learn it quick enough (at least where he was from.

He smiled at her appology ”Nah, it ain' nothin' to worry 'bout. If'n I cared, I've'd put 'lot more bullets into a lot more harriers.” he moved to the table and took a spoonful of the broth – carefully ensuring he got some of th meat on the first spoonful too. It was delicious – he'd had nothing like it  since....well ever actually. He was used to eating to live, rarely if ever for pleasure, and this was indeed a pleasurable meal. He made an involuntary sound that conveyed such and took a few more bites before responding.

”Me? Tryin' ta find where I die. Ain' gonna just lay down and do it, but I'm done with what I came to do and neither me nor this place got any business anymore.” he smiled, but it was cold and his eye – the one not under the patch – was even colder and locked directly onto her. ”There's monsters everywhere my dear. Some of them just wear prettier skin”

His brows raised again and the moment was over as he considered the broth and began to chow down again ”Reckon it needs askin' tho', what kinda monsters?” He'd rather know than not. As he'd already stated, he was ready to die, but the reaper would never take him without a fight.


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The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose Empty Re: The Wheel of Ka detours into Redpointe - Heims, Rose

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