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21:59:07 Daul - Had he mentioned it, she would have informed him that she’d already known about Herzog— to a degree. A Primoris spending so much time with a woman from an opposing empire that was rumored to be next on the Celesin chopping block didnt go unnoticed. But, it was his business and, though her relationship with the other two was that of adoptive family and strained acquaintance/brother in arms— he had the rare privilege of being her friend. His grin broke her resolve a little and Daul gave him one of her rare, crooked smiles. Faint but true. ’You know I do not favor those places, but, if you insist...any place is acceptable.’
22:02:31 Fenris "Eh I'm kind of lazy..." he said shifting back to the side. "If you arent into the idea theres no fun in it I suppose..." he said with sarcastic wistfulness. He stood upon the rail of the balcony that overlooked the pit and began walking slowly forward as he put his arms behind his neck and bent his back stretching as he enjoyed the summer air. "Well whats on your mind then?" he asked with a huffy tone. Was this about her fathers current "plans"? How they might affect things with Jophiel? He sniffed the air and caught something faint but familiar on it, narrowing his gaze for a split second which diverted his attention for the briefest of moments.
rains approach as arcs of neon leaped playfully from cloud to cloud. As the rain began to fall in earnest he appeared from out of nowhere as such was the way of this mysterious wanderer. Some might say he was a pluviophile from the way he so enjoyed the downpour and the way it beat loudly upon the oiled leathers of his wide brimmed hat and duster. The soles of his boots crunched against the sands the sound lost before the din of sound that drowned the world around him. Outwards into the middle of the pitt he'd casually wander and from beneath the brim of his hat he scan the arena with slight interest. A casual glance would be cast towards the others before focusing before him as he reached outwards. His palm was upturned and for a long moment he simpled watched the cool droplets splash upon heated flesh as his mind wandered to places beyond this world.
22:11:33 Daul ’You cannot be lazy and be one of four Primoris.’ she’d say, ever the Celesin nationalist. They were hands of the emperor, after all. It was expected that she’d say such things after all— it was clear by the way she cut her hair and worked tirelessly toward perfection who exactly she wanted validation from. The figure in question and his “plans” was indeed also the reason she’d sought him out. Daul cleared her throat and groaned; hating the passing sensation of vulnerability. ’The designs upon that city-state in the desert. The duchess who I am promised to…. I fear I am making a mistake. Sometimes I do not understand my father as much as I have some of the confusion for her. Is this a betrayal?’ she looked to him, every inch far younger in experience than her actual age. ’It seemed planned.’ she admitted; narrowing her eyes.
22:16:55 Fenris In truth he did like being her confidante, but her comment enticed something in him. "When something comes along I'll keep that in mind." he said. He did not want to become complacent, but it was "lonely at the top" as it were. However immediately things got deep and he sighed. "A betrayal..." Fenris stepped off from his rail. "I suppose that depends on one definition of betrayal..." he said looking at her. "You are now in conflict... I doubt your new lady-love will be thrilled to hear the Emperors plans for her city-state. I myself... Well..." he did not say anything more. "It does not matter what I think, but if Jophiel does not submit, and if your father does not relent... There will be a reckoning and you will have to choose..." he did not mince words, and she had already come to this conclusion, she just needed affirmation that it was true. He looked upon her as he spoke, and knew for all her might and power this would be a wound, and she was out of her element. Her strength was of no use, her -
22:28:12 Daul - “The Blunt truth” is exactly why he was her confidant. Others, understandably, sometimes tiptoed around her; hoping never to piss her off and incur her wrath. It didn’t matter that they’d never seen her wrath outside of battle but alas her imposing nature was enough to warrant some disenguity. ’And how would I, of a sound mind and resolve choose anything other than this empire?’ she’d say; half to him and in major part to herself. Surely, she had thinking to do. But Fenris was wrong in that she’d dug the hole herself— Esarhaddon had taken what she’d seen between them and run with it. As for how she’d react? Golden amber eyes cut in his direction and bore down on him for nearly a full minute before she’d say anything else. ’Absolutely right as usual. And what would you choose? For something...real. Not a mistake like Arsius.’ Which was no doubt completely unfair to the woman mentioned….
22:29:09 EdacNanfansai ||With a clicking of sound that heralded the arrival of the one known as X glad in his usual emerald cloak that concealed the being from head to toe. The rain didn't seem to touch the strange visitor as he strolled towards the one known as Edac Nanfansai. Even if all could be heard those foot steps would be eeriely silent and after a few short steps X came to a stop before him. "I suppose you have returned from your travels with news or simply you have come to visit with me?" The silence between them was long and only broken by the song of the rain as it beat noisely against everything before a voice greeted his question. "You should know the answer to that question as you are the one who created me....But, indeed I do bring you news of my travels and the things I have born witness too." A slight smile touched upon the lips of the wanderer as he listened to the words that seemed to spill from everywhere at once.
22:32:15 Fenris "This Empire is your legacy... you know nothing but the ways of Celesin, the ways of the Warrior... And you would not have it any other way... If you wish to keep this life then yes... Choosing your nation is the best resort." he told her. "For all you know in 10, 100, or even 1000 years things might sour with you and Jophiel..." he told her. "My track record is not exactly great on judging things past emotions, but I understand the concept of why such a thing is folly..." he told her. "I just don't want to see you get hurt Daul..." he admitted almost out of left-field, said so matter of factly it was almost as if he had not said it at all. There were two travelers apparently near them but Fenris did not deem them a threat at the moment.
22:34:09 EdacNanfansai "For too long have I simply sat doing nothing more than musing the chaotic workings of this mind of mine and of the darks things burried within it. I have grown slothful even when so many opportunities lie before me to spur interesting changes. I feel perhaps it is time I moved my hand and set for a change that will breathe life once more into this now desolate place. For better or worse things should be interesting and once more I need you at my side. Lightening crackled across the heavens in wicked arcs and for a brief moment illuminated the world in it's electric kiss followed by the rattling booming of thunder. That voice replied once more with emotionless tones. "I look fowards to it and your words speak true and wise as always master. The grand wheel of ages once more beckons to be turned by your hand."
22:41:32 Daul might have honestly been tuning him out about her empire, what would happen a thousand years down the line. In reality, she was both internalizing and had already considered it. And her own zealous disposition toward Celesin was well known enough that Fenris really hadn’t needed to go and even bring it up— but she heard him out regardless. It was only when he said he didnt want to see her hurt that she knit her brows, turned and stared at him. ’Hurt as in harm? Injuring me?’ she’d say; one snow white brow lifting with confusion and concern. What he had admitted was exactly that alien to her.
22:43:48 [An Tekh] If ostentatious appearances were all that were needed to win wars, the An Tekh would have taken over the planet many moons ago. Fortunately for many, this was not the case. Enter the soldiers; grey-skinned, brutish looking creatures adorned with ornate armour and a seeming disregard for extreme bodily piercings. Three of them now wandered through the Arena, the leader among them clutching a piece of parchment upon which a feminine black face could be seen; a girl with black skin, black hair and black horns. With an eerie silence, the soldiers stopped periodically, thrusting the picture into the faces of the Arena's patrons. Of course, it was difficult to ask questions with your mouth sewed shut and your tongue removed, but it was obvious to anybody that the creatures were looking for the lady portrayed on the parchment. Some would blink, confused at the bizarre looking soldiers and children seemed to cry at their presence, tucking away into the arms of scornful parents. The search continued.
22:45:42 Fenris "I don't want to see you're... Presence wounded..." he told her. "I don't want to see you conflicted, or in a state of regret because of such things." he tried to extrapolate. For all their similarities in their feral nature Daul was like a machine sometimes, or perhaps Daul like an animal just did not realize what harm was beyond physical pain. He actually thought she had learned something from Arsius but did not bring that up. He turned his head at the other coming into the arena, they were familiar, and something about them reminded him of Black-Sun in a weird roundabout way. "Hmm..." his metaphorical hackles raised though no outward sign was given other than his gaze falling upon them. If they had any Konstarri signs, Fenris would know where their allegiences lay.
22:58:47 Daul , again, stared at him. His explanation did hit home, and she understood it completely once he’d finished. But there was something else to it, a deeper meaning she had been prepared to speak on until those mangled little hellions she also vaguely recognized strolled in. The familiarity was not of sight but from word of mouth from the subject in the effigy herself. Not to mention when she’d taken Jophiel to the grand ball in Maur Secundus, the Konstari symbols were hard to miss. She’d seen them amongst the throngs then and she was seeing it now on some of the most grotesque, tortured figures she’d ever laid eyes on. They were thrusting an image in people’s faces; harassing the free-of-alliance civilians. If she were near enough to Fenris she’d jab him in the ribs without warning. ’Do you see what I do upon the parchment?’ she’d say; gruff and already shutting down the surprisingly intimate moment from before. ’Let them approach.’

23:03:07 Fenris Fenris squirmed almost with pain, surprise and surprise as she pulled him from his noticing of the Konstarri creatures. "I was gonna tell you the same thing..." he muttered in a low huffy tone that was half sincere. It was buddy-cop movie time. "You know we can't get any intelligence from them right?" he asked her. "Mouths are sewn shut, no tongues either... Their bascally bags of bones and hollowed out meat If I'm right." he said eyeing them warily but not with extreme caution. His cloak obscured him from view, and his Intrinsic-Arming bubbled just beneath the surface, just in case.
23:14:31 [An Tekh] With an unnatural syncronicity, the three of them stopped in their tracks, turning their heads simultaneously and gazing directly at Daul and Fenris. Much speculation surrounded just how exactly the An Tekh could look at anything; even if they had eyes, their helmets would obscure their vision severely. After a brief moments staring competition between themselves and the two primoris, the Konstari soldiers continued their silent inquisitions; moving through the crowd with no apparent desire to approach the pair of them.
23:23:09 Daul ’Perhaps “intelligence” is not my intention...’ she’d say; straightening her posture away from the railing and standing up straight. If Fenris was wearing his livery they’d certainly make an imposing pair swathed in their white capes with the Celesin seal engraved with a Harsonas’ lion gleaming in the arena’s torchlight. Some had rightfully come to hate seeing that seal. ’I daresay they are being avoidant. Or is that paranoid?’ she had watched them; her eyes bleeding from the usual arrangement of iris, pigment and then sclera to a brief flash of golden fire. There was something viscerally offensive about peons from the insignificant-and-yet-arrogant Black Sun Empire seeking designs upon their Legatus. Seems they were ruining their respite; surviving under the forgetful eye of the Emperor who was saving the continent and sky city for later— and becoming rather bold. Daul did understand that Konstar wasn’t the whole of the empire….but did it matter? 'And what do you suggest?'-

23:24:11 [Daul] -'Engagement? It is as much our duty as it is Caden's to preserve the life and integrity of a Legatus. They are valuable.' And whether she admitted it or not Khooy had the smallest twinge of another sort of value still sticking around in Daul's case.

23:34:24 Fenris Perhaps they would make a sight, but the creatures did not have sight, and he sensed no fear from them, only something vaguely akin to curiousity, not unlike that of a machine or even an insect. It was something in their movements that gave this away, a sort of subtle synchronicity, a single minded purpose that perhaps only the most perceptive could gleam. "Of course recon would not be your buisness... Whatever was I thinking..." he muttered with a mock sigh. "Not quite..." he said his tone lowering. " I think its apparent they have other buisness..." he said. His suggestion was not given in words, it was a simple jerk of his head in their direction. -
23:34:39 [Fenris] -He memorized their scents, and stretched one last time. He knew the An-Tekh would most likely be weary of being followed now, he had to fix that. He began a low hum that resonated with the ambient environment, attuning himself with it, till his body became discernable through all means but sight, but a wisp in the wind, though this would take a moment. Once this was done he would maintain this, and then drop lightly to follow the Antekh into the crowd. Luckily there were many things about him even beyond their scent he could potentially track them by, as he had become quite used to Djinn-based spellcraft at this point, and these beings were animated by such things even if indirectly.

23:44:09 Daul only cocked a brow and gave a shrug. Of course recon wasn’t her business. That was all fun reserved for the Ultonis and their figurehead. ’Business other than something clearly nefarious to do with the Legatus of the Fulminis and no doubt soon my brother’s wife?’ Because it was painfully obvious. If he was truly not feeling it he could always call in Meng Die and be done with it. Daul watched him jump the rail and vanish into the throngs of people. She let her eyes follow him; her own gaze having lost the An Tekh in the hoard. Daul had some heightened awareness but nothing quite on par with what the Ultonis possessed.

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