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Call out to all! Empty Call out to all!

Post by War Torn on Tue Apr 21, 2015 1:38 am


Who was the call out to? To no one, but everyone. Free for all, one on one, tag? Sure, why the fuck not. Samhaine Bartholomew Grain had tried to keep his head occupied elsewhere and on other things, but a thing or two was also getting to him, so he lamented, came to the Arena, and there he stood somewhere propped up against a wall in the Arena pits! He rolled his shoulders, stepped forward, anddd...kept stepping forward. Nothing much else to do while you were waiting for someone to fight. Well, there was the activating and gather of powers, as shown by Samhaines normally green eyes taking on a shade of light green, his teeth getting sharper, and claws forming on his finger nails, but that was that, this was this.

He picked his teeth with a sharp claw as he went, the other hand nestled in the pockets of his hoodie as he moved, head constantly moving, eyes everywhere and nowhere but eventually settling forward.


Said in a lax but expectant way. Might as well throw it out there...
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