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A Familiar scent... Empty A Familiar scent...

Post by Jayocet on Tue May 08, 2018 6:35 pm

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Within the Cerulean Empire, our Ebon King, Jayocet Majhondhi sat idly in one of the many arenas that dotted the city. He’d faced many here. As well, he remained undefeated in this land. He should have held his head high, the Pantherkin being so greatly successful. Everyone knew his name. Everyone paid hommage to the assassin...

It became boring.

Ungodly boring.

Folks here blew themselves to smitherines on their entry to their fights. They attempted to manipulate energy utilizing the law pf thermodynamics/entropy without achieving thermal equallibruim. He felt as of he were kicking puppies...

He longed for the days of the Nexxian arena. He burned to show Fenris just how far he had grown, and to show him what he had done to that Duster he gained at that Christmas party, oh-so-long ago. He wondered if Corban was still around, someplace, somewhere. The kaleidescope of wonder trailed through his mind as Sinjh, his capuchin companion, sat in his lap, staring into his eyes. The monkey was reading the thoughts as they came, his heart filling with pride. Perhaps... Perhaps he could show Jay... Perhaps he could take him there...

The capuchin turned his back to the Pantherkin, closing his eyes as he assumed the lotus position. He loosed his mind to the dimentions, wafting momentarily over Nexxus... No... Not there...

The tell of the Celesin, Magi, could be found by those who knew what to look for. And so, our capuchin would settle on an odd arena in a foriegn land... This could be it! He chirped with glee as he began to manipulate his own energies: Cosmic Divinium. Before Jayocet, a small window would stretch into reality from a single dust particle, Sinjh manipulating such. Jay canted his head a bit, shifting to peer into the portal. “Smell that..?” He said as he sniffed the new air. “I smell the Celesin. I wonder if Fenris is in there...” Oh yes, the champion of Olfwood would be a grand soght to see. Especially if they got to spar. Even more so if he won.

It was settled. Jayocet drew a blunt from the lapel of the very Duster Fenris had given him. He sparked a flame upon the index claw of his right hand and pulled that cherry to life. With a hop, he leapt through the portal. His hindpaws landing upon the arena’s sand with absolute silence. The Capuchin followed in suit, clambering up the Pantherkin to perch on his shoulder. Slowly, the pair begam to walk about the pit. Scanning energies hunting for marks of Corban or Fenris....

The Cat came home.
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