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Post by Alpha Tenchi on Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:26 pm

The world shook and the fabric between realities was torn asunder by some otherworldly force. This tear peaked at nine feet tall and four feet wide, the entrance of it ensconced by a luminous white glow. From it shot a hand, pale and white with long claws that scratched wanting at the air. It slammed down through the portal and gripped the earthy ground, tearing at the grass and pulling. It dragged forth a glowing form, covered in that same light the portal had been covered in. As it entered this realm though, this web of light fell away and revealed a set of horns crowning a pale face, long alabaster hair to match the skin trailing to the creature's rear as it found it's way into the world. As it's body had wholly entered this world, the portal closed and it rolled over, gasping and gawking.

 After a moment, it rose and shook itself off, seemingly righting itself perfectly in a few moments. As it did, whatever panic plagued the creature faded away and on it's sharp and stony visage was a still carelessness. It stood upwards of nine feet tall, it's form long and lanky and it's posture languorous with sagged shoulders and bent knees. Eyes of a serpentine origin thinned, seas of white with black slits expanding and contracting as it gazed about. It's body was awash with biological power, pale purple veins throbbed just below the skin and it's many organs readied themselves for possible combat. The figure arched it's back, and gazed about it's surroundings.

 The Church's walls were peeling, the pews broken and shattered and the pulpit sent careening off to the side as if by some mad prophet. Iconography defaced, the doors were barred shut and the windows were all semi-covered in boards. Only the most gentle rays of light eek through and find their way into the building, and high above Alpha the church bell hung idly, without use for many a year. The air having been musty and thick was no issue for Alpha, a natural filtration system allowing him to take deep clean breaths while expelling the excess detritus out of flared nostrils. In this light he almost looked supernatural, a semi-glowing figure of power in this debauched holy land.

 Clad in a simple crimson hoodie, it hung and swung as if weighed down by something more and trailed to his thighs. The sleeves had been rolled up to reveal a set of cyclopean tattoos, glowing with power unknown. His pants, black and polka-dotted purple seemed to emanate their own source of power and as he stepped about they seemed to become hazy for split seconds. The pants featured a hole in the back, through which a thick and powerful tail drooped along the ground and swung idly. It's six descending spikes each tipped with a viscous black venom. Alpha's tongue slipped from his mouth, small and forked it danced about and tasted the air. For now, the background taste of crackling electricity seemed ambient, and for a short moment he suppressed the EMF his body produced so he might make his senses more acute.

 He was here for a reason. Now where was the other...
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