Anjin VS Mesiphidon - Exhibition match

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Anjin VS Mesiphidon - Exhibition match Empty Anjin VS Mesiphidon - Exhibition match

Post by Mesiphidon on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:50 am

Mesiphidon's simple arrival by the front gates was perhaps unusual. Often his Avatar being burned into existence before the opponents gaze. And yet he walked, his deep black cloak crested with a mantle of lion fur. The fur from a Harsonan Lion was priceless beyond compare, magnificent creatures larger than a draft horse. And one of the few natural creatures besides Dra’sin that were Magi gifted, even if they were incapable of utilizing it consciously.

For a man called the God Emperor he seemed completely without power, attempting to scry his 6’8 broad shouldered frame would reveal little more than that body was human at the peak of conditioning. And yet his eyes burned, white fires coated the Sclera masking his gaze behind the apathetic mask of his face. A short almost unkempt beard framed his jaw, which only seemed to fit with the not quite short but untamed white hair. The seemingly armored almost form snug vest and his black trousers tucked into knee high armor strapped boots added the final touch. He appeared at once savage and regal, wild yet refined.

The only surety was the intensity about the man, his bearing, the way he held himself spoke of a hubris that dwarfed all others. His burning gaze all but disregarding any who stood before him after it expunged the depths of your soul and the core of your being; there was no mistaking the warrior born. Not with the large lion crested Hoplon upon his left arm. Or the double ended polearm held loosely in the right hand. A barbed spear at one end, inverted halberd blades at the other and capped with a smooth crystal that burned with light. Alan’dore was but a small legend now in comparison to its wielder. Yet any who knew of it feared all the same.

No there was certainly nothing human about Mesiphidon, no mortal could possibly hold that gaze, the knowledge behind those fires. To those of a keener sense, those aware of the world beyond its base reality, even there he ceased to exist. Like a hole where existence should be flooding, yet it felt as if the hole were so dense it might crush all that there was. With no soul, and no apparent source of life within this world it begged to question how the body stood there as it did. But Core Magi was not something so easily known. The potential behind it all that teetered on the edge of existence and not.

And now another had come to challenge the Son of Ruin. Had woken the sleeping giant to something akin to a duel; and had the Emperor any sense of empathy beyond that which his beloved wife tried to instill in him. He might have felt pity or sorrow for the poor soul coming to meet their end. He would at the very least honor his challenger with the tools of his trade. Alan’dore would grant a swift death and Lion's Guard would see him safe. But for now he waited, patience certainly not his strong suit as many knew so very well.

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