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The Diamond Trade Empire was an intermediately sized Imperial Federation of planets on a far rim section of the galaxy. Starting out from the system and capital planet both know as Nebula, a collection of six solar systems, fifty planets and numerous Satellites about these systems was the span and intergalactic borders were enforced to the fullest degree and kept as tight and secure as possible. Form the starts, many many centuries ago, Nebula was just like modern day Earth, somewhat inclined to space but kept to a single planetary system. Advancements in tools however and outer ship and orbital station ‘shells’ proved the first foot into the cosmos itself. Moons were harvested close, Nebula had three of them, and the advance materials from metals to Space-Like nuclear ‘spots’ led to further advancements in space expansion and prospecting. Before they knew it, the Nebulans had become space faring and very good at it at that. The few other planets in the system were uninhibited and didn’t provide ‘organic’ sources to nurture and grow, so aside from minor terraforming projects, most of these Nebulan planets and moons were turned into simple but effective mining outposts. One such substance was a clean if not heavy and heat induced energy source that looked like a purple diamond, and when the former generation of prospecting rulers took notice of the Nebulan systems border ‘shape’ turned out to be something like a diamond, the Diamond Trade Empire was thus the designated title, the flag being a colorful array of spirals and the like with a big purple Diamond in the center.

Trade and Empire did stick out though, for more than just names sake. They were hand in hand with the actual structure of how the whole political system worked. The Empire came from the actual span of the Federation, technology fast developed to allow actual galaxy traveling and the trade worked in tandem as other sentient races were met. Trade exchanged were the most prevalent form of offered integration, war-like systems and planets were appeased with new weaponry and ‘bought out’ policies basically becoming skilled trained mercenary hubs and the few wars and forced annexation and integrations were never fully due to aggression from the empire itself. Likewise, the trade made the traditional sort of Merchant Republic and Empire format of rulership literally mixed. While at first the ruling ‘parties’ were various merchant families that elected one Imperial family into the mix, a long line of one proven family with constant success and trade deals that had made everyone from top to bottom ‘win’, the voting system was replaced and said merchant family was the single ‘ruling’ entity that ran and ensured the Diamond Trade Empires many investments facilities and functions were stable and held together. This Imperial Merchant family were the Dolarhydes, but more on them later. A specific system was in place, ‘divisions’ as they were called for specific but none the less important roles and the seven ‘transitioning children’ as they were each ran one of them to the fullest of their abilities.

So what did this humble firm and economically, technologically, and militarily strong off world empire have to do with the Vasten Ocean? A good amount in fact. In all the years of existence for the empire, it had never come in contact with something much like it on an Imperial basis. Recent probes however had shown that they were not alone with independent systems anymore. Far flung reading had picked up on some strong Empires, distant luckily but something to be weary of…and then there was the closest and most aptly mentioned; the Black Sun Empire. Non Hostile traveling ships had been sent to probe further, planet to planet, territory to territory and when enough information was gathered, an Ok from the most upper ‘Transitioning Child’ and the current ruling ‘father’ an attempt at finding a neutral firm but well-meaning middle point was put down as the main point. As lawless as it was as the info told it, distant planetary scans told scout ships that the Vasten Ocean was a rough if not good target for such a location and thus a less subtle ‘planet overlooking’ approach was in order. This came today and it came in a well-organized bunch.

The carrier crafts were for a various reasons but by just looking at them, one could tell they were defensive. There were five of them, black colored, once being boxy and condensed while in orbit, being the size and shape of oversized delivery trucks, but as they descended they slicked out into sleek long jet like constructs for planetary travel and entry and were in a tight but maneuverable formation not too far away from each other, helped by certain auto-pilots and of course skilled living pilots as well. Such a small entourage was well armed. Through few windows, a small company of seven operated each flying construct, armed to the teeth in an assortment of black armor head to toe and odd slightly rounded lightly bulky weapons of melee and ranged caliber (on pistol and rifle make), along with various ‘port’ weapons should the aircrafts come under attack. Such was expected, a decent high altitude was kept smoothly as the crafts moved, but reports from scouts had basically told of the lawlessness of the region and thus light caution was needed. Each ship sheened a purple sort of glow as they went and cargo for specific purposes were kept secure and tight…though the most important ‘cargo’ were two extra living beings within the confines of the lead aircraft.

Said beings were part of the ruling Imperial Trade family the Dolarhydes. Lector Dolarhyde and Megghain ‘Meg’ Dolarhyde.

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Lector was both the eldest and agreed upon ‘heir’ to the family. He was six foot three inches tall and his face told of a wealth of ‘situational’ experience in all departments and always seemed tired but filled with a sort of metallic steadfast will. This meant he kept in constant contact with each division his siblings operated went through the most with the head ‘Father’ and was in the works of becoming the future ruler once said father passed away. He had an air of firm but polite leadership around his person, dressed the part and always seemed to have a tired hue about him. It was after all hard being at the top, and hard being the replacement for ANOTHER top, especially when your father was as competent as the lot of them and then some. Such was stressful having to run and check all the important priorities the empire operated on (Military, logistics, trade, all that), but being the Elder of the seven children helped in that regards, as well as having a knack for politics and ‘personal’ problem solving, sometimes for the good of others sometimes for his own gain.

Diamond in the Rough Brave-fan-arts-brave-32638426-250-324

Meghan Dolarhyde was the third youngest child of the current Dolarhyde line. Standing at just five foot eight inches, she was a small thin thing but clear green wide open eyes and lush red hair told of the same outward firm looking if not as concentrated and toned will Lector had.In charge of the weapons  and armor and transport department and soft looking, always sporting a dress of some green variety, business or not, soft features did not hide the skill and expertise she operated her division. There were few if not any men or women you would want running such a thing. Development of new weapons and armor and transportation was as high as it had ever been, and a supportive cast of one over sister and five brothers along with a mind of creativity (and love for her position) made her something JUST short of Midas touched in her field, that and well today, she was helping Lector of course. Everyone in the family always both went to Father or Lector, and were it not for the age difference between the two you’d hardly tell them apart, just through sheer skill and political acumen.

The two were sitting in front of each other at the moment, Meghan alert, light posturing and finicky, Lector firm but tired looking. Meghan bit her lip and gripped at the rim of her upper dress and Lector smiled, recalling a slight memory before shutting his black colored red dotted eyes.

“You’re nervous, Meg, I understand.”

She nodded, no use hiding it, nothing like that could be hidden from those tired eyes and the soft but metallic ring laced words of Lector.

“You’re the diplomat, not me, Lec, it is fine enough showing off to one planet or two, or offering…but a wide spanning Empire? This is new, even to you.”

Lector tilted his head up in a familiar knowing way. No more words need be said as his head tilted and he eyed the flight Captain not too. Well, now was as good a time as ever, wasn’t it? Lectors eyes opened at half-mast and he stood up, stretching groggily as he went, being stiff from the long ride, approaching the open flight operator cabin. Meg watched and the cabin captain nodded knowingly. They had been told of this and with a pat on his shoulder from Lector, an oval shaped mike was handed over to him.

“Remember boys and girls, me and my sister included; we best be on our greatest behavior for what is to possibly come.”

A small message to the whole entourage, encouragement at that. The Captain flicked a switched, outside the ship two small black colored but highly tuned and concentrated radar dishes stuck out and began swerving every which direction. They were trying to pick up one communications relay the scouts had picked up, regardless, Lector didn’t need to stay on the mic to long he just needed to speak.

“Good people of the Black Sun Empire, Adminstration of the Haluud Trading Outpost, I Lector Dolarhyde of the Diamond Trade Empire would seek to parlay peacefully with your current overseers. Would you grant us access to do so, me and my assembly are slowly approaching your location and awaiting the go ahead for a fast arrival or a negative on that. Either way, pleasant greetings and good tidings to you.”

Simple, to the point, polite and open. Were it not received upon the long ranged frequency, the message would repeat over and over until a the right frequency was responded with (Pirate and trap ones had been laid out before by the scouts, to keep from swarming the small assembly of ships). Sitting back down with a pleased sigh, Lector nodded to Meg and Meg nodded back smiling. First time for everything, or so the saying goes…one just needed contact first.
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