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Son Goku vs Nethuamamagos Empty Son Goku vs Nethuamamagos

Post by Son Goku on Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:12 pm

Floating down from the heights of the sky above the Arena. The area was aged, with vines and ivy coating some of the walls, the brickwork had been made a long time ago, yet despite the nature of the structure it held up well. Landing on the solid ground, the Saiyan brought both arms down to either side,
his black eyebrows furrowing lightly as those obsidian eyes glanced around, seeking a potential fight to get his blood boiling. At first he saw nothing, and opted to instead warm up in case the situation changed. His left hand rose up to grip at his right shoulder, squeezing it as his right arm lifted and bent, rotating several times in a clockwise manner. Swapping hands, he'd do the same for the opposite shoulder before lowerin both arms and parting his feet before lowering into a squat. His right hand was placed on his appropriate knee, the leg extending off to the side as Goku placed weight on it, loosening those joints. After nearly a minute, Goku returned the favour for the left limb, before rising to a stand, feeling limber and ready. His attire was most typical, a baggy and loose attire of saturated orange and midnight blue, complete with a waistband and wristbands. His black hair spiked wildly and swaying very slightly as a calm breeze rolled in, a pleasant feeling. Placing his hands upon his hips, Goku would wait to see if someone fun would show up.

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